About Us
Our mission is to help marketers with an easy to use platform for generating leads through email.
HOW are we UNIQUE?
We are always looking for ways to help marketers with lead generation through email. Whether it be through direct mailers that need assistance with delivery management to advertisements within emails to drive leads to landing pages. Our goal is to provide your lead generation funnel directly from Emercury all the way down to your landing pages and collecting that information with lead forms.
WHAT is Emercury?
Emercury helps marketers deliver their email communications. Our web based email marketing platform allows you to manage your lists, create html campaigns for desktops and mobile devices, create AB split tests for deciding winning campaigns, list analysis, subscriber profiling, track activity on each campaign, and collect activity on every subscriber.
WHY did we create Emercury?
We created Emercury to support email marketers who are focused on lead generation through email vs the platforms out there made for “Newsletter Communication”. We also created Emercury to assist the email marketer in understanding best delivery practices and to provide a tool that would increase delivery based on higher recipient activity.
WHO can benefit from Emercury?
Emercury was made to service marketers looking to generate leads through email.
Company Values
  • Respect
  • Trust & Reliability
  • Innovate
  • Fairness
  • Availability
  • Thirst for Improvement