Create and send email campaigns

  • Campaign CreatorCreate campaigns with our html editor or use one of your templates with our template editor.
  • A/B Split TestingRun tests on which campaigns are more affective and then automate the distribution of the rest of your campaign. Base this on subjects, from addresses, content, and segments of your list.
  • Auto ResponderAutomate your email responses based on subscriber behavior like added date, opened, or clicked on a link in your email.
  • Email AutomationCreate a workflow of triggered emails based on subscriber behavior like added date, opened, or clicked on a link in your email.


  • Email Marketing StatsView real time stats on delivery, bounces, opens, clicks, complaints, unsubscribes, device type, location and much more.
  • Google AnalyticsTrack your campaigns with Google Analytics based on each campaign.
  • ECPM reportingTrack based on CPC or CPA. Color charts to show which campaigns have a positive or negative ROI.

Manage your subscribers

  • List ManagerImport subscribers, track subscribers, manage subscribers, and view the health of your lists.
  • Subscriber AppendingAppend your subscriber base with Gender info, Date of Birth, social match, interests, income, geo, and many more.
  • List VerificationRemove Hard bounces to get better delivery. Do this seamlessly during import or do this on list you havent mailed in quite some time to keep your list up to date.ISP’s look at hard bounces and will reward for lists that look clean and managed well.
  • Create SegmentsSegment your lists for higher engagement. Segment based on demographic info, activity info, scoring and more.
  • List HygieneRemove traps, remove bounces, complainers, malformed addresses seamlessly through our import process or use it with one click after you import.
  • Auto UpdateAutomatically update new lists based on triggers like opens or clicks.

Customize every part of your email message

  • Branded URL ManagementCustomize your email campaign with branded urls so you can control your reputation. Unsubscribe URLs, Click through urls and image urls. Match them with your reply to and sending domains.
  • Customized From AddressBrand your address to be your own vs using our default from address.
  • Personalize each emailCustomize each email with merge tags based on each subscriber to make it a more personal approach.

Email Delivery Management & Alerting

  • Delivery ManagementWork with our delivery management team to get insight on your delivery metric and to get a customized ramp up schedule just to fit your needs and your subscribers engagement rate.
  • Advanced alert systemAlerts to help with delivery. Realtime alerts on URL blacklisting, deferrals, content blocking, dkim or spf fail to work.
  • Email Content ScoringUse our proprietary spam checker to score your content on the last step of your campaign. Make adjustments and check again.

Collect Subscribers

Forms Create customized forms for your website to collect subscriber information or landing page forms to collect lead information.

Email Marketing API Use our full API to connect with your app. Anything that can be done within our panel can be done through our fll API. Find more info on our API here

Expert Customer Service


Our customer service can help you from creating a campaign to delivery management via chat, email or phone.

Video Help Files

We know how difficult it can be to understand a new system so we post video help files on every page to walk you through that area step by step.

Other Features

  • Check out our App Store to see what apps we are integrated with to help with your email marketing.
  • Social Media Integration with Facebook and Twitter.
  • Multi-User AccountAdd multiple users with different permission levels based on their roles. Manage multiple Emercury accounts using the same user id.

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