Emercury Abuse Desk

Emercury Abuse Desk

Emercury is an email marketing service (created by Prestige Technologies) that’s been around since 2006. Although we don’t send all the emails out on the internet, our customers do send a large amount of them. We are not in the habit of getting complaints but it does happen with the amount of emails we are sending. We take abuse seriously. So seriously that we even incorporated our own DO-NOT-DISTURB list called NEVERMAIL. If anyone decides to choose this they will never be mailed by anyone using our system. That is just 1 way we try to eliminate abuse.

Here are the measures we take to prevent or combat abuse:

  • We require all users to agree to our Policy & Terms of Use before they can setup an account at Emercury, and again before they can import any existing customer lists into their accounts.
  • For each import using a csv file they must provide OPTIN Date, OPTIN IP, OPTIN SOURCE along with the emails addresses.
  • For customers who are “starting from scratch” with Emercury (and have no lists of customers to import), we give them free signup forms to place on their website. The signup forms use the double opt-in (aka “confirmed opt-in”) method. This method keeps prank signups out, and also stores opt-in proof for every subscriber (IP Address, Date/timestamps, etc)
  • Each signup is reviewed by an account manager to verify the nature of the list.
  • For each and every list customers setup in Emercury, they must submit their physical mailing address, plus a Permission Reminder (“you are receiving this email because you subscribed at…”). That information is inserted into their campaigns for them.
  • We automatically insert a one-click unsubscribe link in every campaign sent from our system that is removed immediately.
  • We provide a NEVERMAIL feature so you are never bothered by any email marketing material from Emercury again. To get this removed they must contact us directly.
  • All lists managed on Emercury are automatically cleaned of soft bounces (on the 5th campaign attempt) and hard/undeliverable bounces are removed instantly.
  • We provide a complaint report in every account. If that report is too close to our threshold then the account is suspended and we investigate.

Customer Education:

  • We keep our users updated with the latest email marketing best practices, tips, etiquette, and do’s and don’ts with our DID YOU KNOW Blog and customer newsletters.
  • We post easy-to-understand articles & guides for all our users to read.

Dealing With Issues:

  • We have an abuse email address “abuse at Emercury dot net” that is always monitored plus a support team available to answer calls immediately if there is suspected abuse.
  • We embed every single email sent from our servers with an ID so that recipients can easily report abuse to Emercury. When we receive complaints via our abuse form, they are immediately investigated. If the campaign or user account appears suspicious in any way, the account is suspended during the investigation.
  • We’re registered with major ISPs and anti-spam authorities to receive automated feedback loop alerts when any of our users’ recipients report abuse. When we’re able to parse those alerts, we remove the recipient from our user’s list. If the reports exceed a certain threshold, we send a warning to our user. If the warnings exceed a reasonable threshold, we suspend the user’s account and investigate. Most ESPs and ISPs will tell you a reasonable threshold for abuse complaints is 0.1% (1 out of a thousand people reported your campaign as junk). Because of the sheer volume of emails sent from our IPs, and because most of our IPs are shared across multiple users, our threshold is actually much more strict.