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You can make money simply referring Emercury to other businesses like yours that may benefit from email marketing the same way you do.

Even if you are not an Emercury customer but would like to make money referring businesses to Emercury for their email marketing needs, you can also.

Join many Emercury affiliates doing that right now.

  • Recurring Commissions every Month
  • No Cost to Sign Up
  • Payments sent Net30


As an Emercury customer, you are already an Affiliate.

Ask us how to enable your account and start enjoying the benefits many of our affiliates are enjoying right now.

*Recurring commissions every payment cycle as long as the account is in good standing. NO setup fee required.

How the Affiliate Program Works

When you become an affiliate, we will provide you with an Affiliate ID.

→ You can then refer businesses in need of email marketing, which includes, email automation, autoresponders or just broadcast campaigns, to Emercury using the affiliate link provided to you.

→ When someone signs up using your affiliate link we will credit your affiliate account with that sale.

→ You then will see a commission payment in your affiliate account immediately. Its that easy!

→ Here is the best part, if that account renews the next month you continue to get paid every single month they are a customer of Emercury’s.


The longer your referral stays with Emercury the more money you make.

Our Affiliate program is most appropriate for marketing websites, affiliate networks, list hygiene services, Data providers and existing customers.

Contact us today to learn about our *Associate Partner Program designed for companies and organizations that have an existing base of customers or members they can refer to Emercury.

  • Commission for Associate Partners paid net30
  • Co-branded landing page
  • No set-up fee

*Commission percentage may vary and is based on qualified accounts.

*Associate Partner’s see our Associate partner referral program. Associate Partner must have an Associate Partner Referral Program agreement in place to participate.

REMEMBER, when you use Emercury in ANY fashion you receive:

Use our built-in HTML email template tools, or copy-paste your own HTML

We never insert our logos into any of your designs

Automatically archives a copy of all your campaigns

Automatic List Management

One click testing for your designs: Our system checks your campaign in major spam filters.

No need to program any databases or setup any servers for your clients.

Just setup an account with Emercury (your clients’ data is safe and secure), and start creating your first campaign.

Our automatic list management system follows email marketing best practices to keep your clients from getting blacklisted, and help them comply with CAN-SPAM.

You can setup separate lists for every client, and setup multiple templates per client.

List Scrubbing

Removes hard bounces (permanently undeliverable) from your list immediately. Keeps soft (temporary) bounces on your list appropriately. Emercury monitors ISP feedback loops for spam complaints from subscribers, and removes complainers automatically to prevent future complaints that could jeopardize your client’s reputation.

One-click unsubscribe links

We’ll supply you with unique URLs that you code into your clients’ email campaigns. Subscribers who click the link are immediately removed from the list, and cannot be accidentally imported again by your client (the subscriber must go through the double opt-in process to re-subscribe).

Double opt-in process

Keeps your clients’ lists absolutely clean and spam free. Clients can import existing lists (no double opt-in required for existing opt-in lists) and from then on, new subscribers go through the double opt-in process.

Multiple Lists Support

Setup as many different lists for each client as you want.

More Features:

  • Export lists any time you want as Microsoft Excel files.
  • Reports and Tracking.
  • Emercury generates individual reports per campaign that you can download, re-brand, and send to your clients.
  • Tracks how many people opened.
  • Tells you which links people clicked on, and how many times.
  • Tracks how many times the email was forwarded.
  • Learn who bounced, and why (and we will automatically clean the list for you).
  • Tracks who unsubscribed, and prevents you from accidentally re-subscribing them.
  • You can download reports to Excel, re-brand w/your own logo, and send to client.
  • Attractive discounts available for qualified agencies.

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