A Mistake That Could Kill Your Business

These days, a lot of people look up to big name brands like Apple, Microsoft, Google, and try to copy their success by building their business around brand marketing. The keyword here is “try,” because more often than not, they end up failing.

The big mistake here is thinking that the approach will work for you as well, even though the aforementioned companies’ successes with brand marketing were boosted by timing, being in the right place at the right time, and eventually – pockets deep enough to buy Super Bowl Ads using their loose change.

For the rest of us, brand marketing could still work, but cost-efficiency and ROI will be significantly better through direct marketing. So if you really want to boost your business (and eventually be big enough to buy billboards and super bowl commercials without going bankrupt,) you need to look up to the best direct marketers instead and try to see what’s working for them. Here are a few things that they recommend:

Always Include an Offer

Marketing’s main goal is to create a customer. If there’s no offer in your emails, you’re not creating customers, just raising awareness. Raising awareness is good but don’t ever pass up an opportunity to make a sale, because that’s ultimately what’s going to give you your revenue.

First thing you need to do is find out exactly which users received the wrong email. Emercury offers a wealth of tracking and reporting tools that will make this a fairly straightforward process. The important thing to do is avoid sending out an apology email to everyone, as that would only draw attention to your mistake and tarnish your reputation unnecessarily.

Inspire a Sense of Urgency

If you don’t give people a reason to act “now,” you’re giving them an excuse to procrastinate. And people LOVE to procrastinate. So make sure you put a time limit on your offers, or mention that the quantity is limited. Make sure the people are aware that they could lose out on an opportunity if they don’t act NOW.

Always Track, Measure, and Improve

As with any business, you always need to track and measure progress so that you can continue to grow. This becomes even more important in email marketing because the tools are already available. It’s simply foolish not to do some tracking and measuring in this case.

Don’t Waste Money on Brand Building

As mentioned above, brand building will still help and should be employed if possible. But don’t spend any money on it. Focus on direct marketing and only treat opportunities to build your brand for free as a bonus, not the goal.

Lastly, Focus on Results

As a marketer, it generally doesn’t matter what copy or image you like, or what you think you should use. Go where the results are positive. Your preferences mean nothing compared to what’s selling according to the metrics.

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