Advantages of Auto Responders

An auto responder is an email marketing tool. It is a form of direct marketing to your subscribers via email communication. The primary advantage of an auto responder is your business reaches your subscribers automatically. Auto responder’s effectiveness in increasing email marketing conversion is indisputable and numerous email marketers are making money online by applying it.

The knowledgeable email marketers have auto responder accounts. The majority of them act as an affiliate selling other people’s products and services online. Auto responders are instrumental in paving the way for better conversion rates. The secret of an auto responder consists in sending back the response automatically to the sender by incorporating your own business in it. Most Internet marketers have separate auto responder accounts. By building relationships with your subscribers you can promote your products or services to targeted customers and generate repeat sales.

Here are some advantages to using email marketing and auto responders:

1. Turn anonymous website visitors into subscribers — Auto responder software allows you to create signup forms on your websites or blogs. Visitors who are interested in your website’s content will “opt-in” through the signup form and become your subscribers.

2. Build relationship with subscribers — Once website visitors become your subscribers, you can build relationship with them. You can send promotions, newsletters, etc. about your products or services anytime.

3. Promote your products or services to targeted subscribers — The reason why website visitors want to become your subscribers is because they are interested in your content, or the products and services you offer. You need to concentrate your email marketing efforts and convert your subscribers to customers.

4. Set up a series of automated follow-up email campaigns — By using the auto responder software, you can automate the sequence of your personalized messages or pre-set a series of email sales campaigns to be sent to your subscribers. Statistics show prospects take several exposures to an offer before they make their buying decision.

5. Ensure good email deliverability — Strong ESPs establish solid relationships with all major Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to ensure good email deliverability. Therefore, every email you send has a high probability to be delivered to your subscribers’ inboxes.

6. Brand yourself with HTML emails Most auto responder software allows you to send HTML emails. You can stand out when you use HTML email promotions, by including images and your logo to brand yourself. This will help you grab the attention of your subscribers who read your emails and increase your click through rate.

7. Duplication Many email marketers operate numerous businesses online. They run several of them simultaneously with a similar follow-up email campaign model. They duplicate their first successful follow-up email campaign model into their auto responder software, so they can use this same approach in new markets. This is because they tested which of their follow-up email campaign models work and which ones do not.

In email marketing, auto responder software plays an important role in building your list. Your email list is basically your database of potential and existing customers. Building a list is a vital step towards building your successful business.

*Did You Know — The first auto responders were created within mail transfer agents that found they could not deliver an email to a given address. These created bounce messages such as “your email could not be delivered because…”.

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