B2B Email Marketing Tricks

B2B email marketing tricksBusiness to Business E-Mail Marketing (B2B Email marketing) isn’t as popular as big consumer email marketing, mainly because the field is narrower. However, quantity is rarely the yardstick in which we measure quality, and it remains true for B2B Marketing, because it’s where most innovation is taking place nowadays. This is why a lot of veteran email marketers are now starting to invest more time and focus into this field. If you want to venture into this arena, there are a few tricks that you might want to add to your repertoire, such as:

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Take Good Care of Your Email Subscribers Over Your Other Customers

This is not to say that you will only focus on your email subscribers and just neglect the rest. You should treat every single subscriber and customer as a person who’s putting food on your table, but when you’re short on resources and/or time and need to divert more attention into a specific segment, you should prioritize email subscribers. This is because email subscribers spend more than your other customers, especially when it comes to B2B email marketing.

B2B Email Marketing should Also be Creative

A lot of B2B marketers destined to fail treat B2B email campaigns as something that’s not worthy of their creativity, resulting in emails or newsletters that will never be read by anyone due to their lack of creativity. Most of these boring emails look like your run of the mill amateur pitches, with call to actions that are exclusively positioned at the bottom of the email, which is the part that nobody will ever read. B2B emails shouldn’t be treated like B2C where the goal is to sell something via email. Rather, its goal is to build a relationship and continue to move forward by stating on people’s minds and differentiating your products and services from the rest – and you’re not going to achieve this by pumping out canned messages and boring call to actions.

Don’t Forget How Important the Landing Page is

It’s a shame that a lot of digital agencies treat their landing page as a no man’s land, where the rookie designer is assigned in order to give him a few notches under his belt. However, this is an approach that can sometimes lead to negative results as far as B2B email programs are concerned. When designed well, landing pages are very powerful vehicles that serve as the main reason for many customers to strengthen their relationship with your company and maybe even give you their business. Remember, if you’re going to assign the rookie designer to your landing page, make sure it’s a really good rookie designer. Otherwise, put someone with seniority and more experience in charge.

Take Advantage of Segmentation and Personalization

B2B email marketing’s greatest strength is that it’s a precision marketing platform, at least, when properly executed. One can easily created dynamic campaigns that can customize the content of the emails based on a user or company’s profile, which will help connect the divide between the truth and the misconceptions that lead to many novice marketers complaints of B2B email marketing tricks being too corporate, bland, and cold.

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