Best Email Marketing Strategies

best email marketig strategiesThe best email marketing strategies are also the simplest.

The reason email marketing still works in this day and age, when newer channels for communication have already sprung up, is the fact that it still has the highest response rate out of any marketing method.

However, you need to go about in a proper way – spamming will let you see a little bit of success, simply because the sheer numbers involved with spamming tactics means that people are simply getting conversions based on volume – this is a short term success, sooner or later you’ll find yourself in people’s block lists and that will be the end of your career as an email marketer. In order to get high response rates for the long term, you need to follow a few ethical but highly effective strategies, such as:

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Advertise what people want

It’s probably one of the best email marketing strategies you can employ. It’s one of the most important principles behind marketing in general. You should advertise things that people actually want. This is where targeting becomes important. A lot of people might not necessarily know what they want at any given time, and will most likely not be able to express it, but if you create a solid marketing framework and create a good profile of your prospects, you’ll be able to advertise exactly what they want. At the very least, you’ll be able to advertise things that they will tolerate.

Require a Sign Up

This is very important because you need people’s permission before you can market effectively to them. Even the best email marketing strategies need permission. And nothing ensures that you have people’s express permission than a sign-up requirement. If they took the effort needed to give you their contact details, you can be sure as hell that they’re interested in what you’re marketing. Or at the very least, they’re willing to give you a chance to make them interested.

Build a Relationship With Your Subscribers

The main purpose of building a relationship is to earn (note the choice of words: earn, not gain) their trust. You can do these by providing value, particularly value that’s completely free of risk and investment. The easiest way to do this is to provide useful content via eBooks, video, reports, audio, and others.

Send Emails Only When You Have Something to Offer

This should be common sense. If you keep sending emails even if you’re not providing value, then you’re nothing but a spammer, and your subscribers will treat you as one. That means you get people unsubscribing in droves, and you will end up in many block lists. However, don’t think of this as a recommendation that you should only send emails every once in a while. On the contrary. What this means is that you should constantly study and do your research, so that you can provide valuable info and special offers to your users.

Don’t Forget to Make Offers

It’s true that the most important part of the best email marketing strategies is building relationships, but if you’re not going to make an offer, you’ll be losing a lot of sales. It’s what puts food on the table and should never be ignored. The trick is to consider your subscribers as friends instead of customers. The reason being that there’s a difference between offers that you make to your friends, and the ones that you send out to customers.


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