Content Marketing Hacks Using Social Media

When marketers first realized that social media is an effective marketing tool, many of them initially considered social media marketing as the replacement for content marketing. However, the notion soon gave way to the much more sensible idea that it’s better if they use both, as they can play to each other’s strengths. If you need to leverage the strength of social media to boost your marketing campaigns and vice versa, here are a few content marketing hacks using social media:

Use a Data-Driven Blog Post to Promote Yourself

These days, the wealth of data mining tools and the fact that people have already realized how valuable data is means that content regarding the impact of data will go over well with readers, and will most likely get shared compared to the generic marketing blog post. If the post gets shared enough, you as the author will enjoy much needed boost to your credibility.

Use SocialRank to Reward Your Most Engaged Followers

There are a lot of tools designed to analyze twitter content, but there are very few that actually provide data about your twitter followers. SocialRank.com fills this niche nicely, providing users valuable data about their most engaged followers. Once you know who your most loyal followers are, giving them some sort of reward will not only strengthen your relationship with them, they could also turn into evangelists and will serve as examples to other people, thereby building your image as someone that is worth following.

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Save Time on Infographics by Using Automated Tools

Infographics are very effective these days as people have started warming up to visual content, as they’re essentially more convenient than walls of text. However, the problem is that infographics take time to create. Visually (create.visual.ly) has several tools that will solve the problem, with the ability to plug in social media accounts in order to get gorgeous infographics based on various metrics from your social media accounts. With these, you can take advantage of infographics without sacrificing too much of your time.

Create Polls on Twitter

Lastly, never underestimate the power of polls into getting people engaged with your brand or company. People like to feel that they are part of something or that they’re input is being taken into consideration. Polls do this well, and it does one more thing: it lets you produce content without requiring too much effort, as majority of the actual content will be provided by the people who participated in the poll.

The above are just the tip of the iceberg. Social media and content marketing work so well together that it is foolish to use one without also taking advantage of the other these days.

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