Do Coupons Work?

Coupon Pile Stock Photo (10865703765)When Internet access became a necessity in most households, many offline activities became obsolete as online counterparts took their place. One of the offline activities that people thought would face obsolescence is clipping discount coupons. After all, online stores these days allow people to shop without leaving the comfort of their seats, and promos and discounts are usually done automatically or through promo codes that have to be typed in.

However, there are still sites these days like Retailmenot.com and Coupons.com that took the concept of clippable discount coupons and translated them to the Internet. And no, they didn’t create a virtual coupon system: these are actual coupons that you can print out, clip, and then take to brick and mortar stores much like conventional coupons. But the question is probably do coupons work in this day and age?

The short answer would have to be: Yes, they do work.

It’s not really much of a surprise. Coupons by design provide something of benefit (discounts and freebies) in exchange for practically nothing – just the act of clipping them out. Now that the internet is prevalent, these printable coupons are actually more readily available compared to ones on magazines and newspapers.

Another thing that stacks the odds in favor of printable coupon sites is the fact that the economy is still in the process of recovery and consumers are feeling the effects on their wallets, so any chance to save a few bucks here and there will be taken, especially if it won’t cost them a thing outside of what they already have at the ready. And this is not even counting the people who aren’t really hurting financially, but consider shopping and finding great deals as a hobby and leisurely activity.

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Lastly, coupons do work out for the coupon sites as well. With enough traffic, they can serve as the ideal provider of marketing and coupon-serving system to retailers. For many retailers and product manufacturers, the discounts they give away on coupons are most likely similar to the amount they would have spent on marketing and promotional campaigns, with the only difference being that coupons provide a better ROI: the only losses for coupons are those people who actually took advantage of the discounts and bought an item. With smart pricing and costing, coupons are practically a risk free way of boosting sales.

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