Effective Email Marketing Strategy for Businesses

Effective Email Marketing Strategy for BusinessesIf you’ve been in the industry for quite some time, you’ll know that there is a different email marketing strategy for different purposes, and that marketers themselves have come to rely on several common ones for their campaigns. However, there are a couple of strategies that are very rarely used but can make a significant difference to your bottom line, such as:

Tracking the Behavior of Your Subscribers

If you spend a lot of time reading various websites all over the Internet and you don’t have any adblocking software in your PC (and if you do, you have no right to be part of the email marketing industry), chances are you have noticed that visiting a retail store or clicking an online ad will make ads for those companies or brands show up more often on the ads that are being displayed on other websites. That’s basically behavioral marketing, where ad servers track users’ buying habits and then ensure that they serve ads that are relevant to those buying habits.

You can adopt the same strategy for your email marketing business, as Emercury provides various tools that let you track your pages. When someone from your mailing list visits a page in your website (you can create different subsections in your site that cater to different demographics or niches), the software makes a note of it, which you can then study and use for segmentation, so that your mails can be patterned according to the buying or browsing habits of your subscribers.

Separating Buyers from Prospects

Many email marketers have this misguided notion that the only effective path to growth is to acquire as many new customers as possible, not knowing that there is a very crucial difference between prospects and buyers, namely: prospects will cost you money, while buyers will make you money. If you pump all of your efforts into catering to prospects, you’ll be bleeding more money that you are earning it.

This means buyers – or those people who have already made you money – should be separated from prospects and put on a buyers-only list, then you treat them like gold, by providing them with new offers, exclusive content, and even surprise bonuses. You have to nurture your relationship with them.

But that doesn’t mean that you will treat the prospect list unfairly. Rather, you treat them well and try to get them to become buyers. Take good care of them but don’t spend the effort and money that you could otherwise spend on the buyer’s only list.

If you adopt the two examples of rarely practiced email marketing strategy above, you will find that your back-end is slowly but surely being built into a more solid, robust one (and remember that the back-end is where the profits really are), while also feeling the more recognizable benefits such as reduced complaints and refunds, and a smoother interaction with customers. Best of all, these two strategies won’t cost anything except a little elbow grease.


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