Effective Use of Mass Email Marketing

effective use of mass email marketingContrary to what novice email marketers believe, mass email marketing is more than just sheer volume. It’s true that the conversion rate increases with numbers because the economies of scale is at work, but you’ll find that true long term success with mass email marketing also relies on good strategy and by following a few simple tricks, such as:

Use Demographics to Target Your Audience

Since sending emails en masse costs time and money, trying to brute force your way by sending as much emails to as many leads as you can and hoping for the best is very inefficient and a waste of time, money, and opportunity. If you truly want to maximize your ROI, you need to identify the demographic groups that will be most interested in your product, then you can send out a more targeted email that will in turn provide you with the highest conversion rates. Of course, this will require research on your product and the specific age, nationality, ethnicity or any other characteristic associated with people who might be interested in them. It may sound like a lot of work but it truly pays off compared to just blindly blasting tons of email at unsuspecting recipients.

Draw Attention to the Benefits

It is important to always keep in mind that every single customer is always in a selfish mindset. Nobody will read your email out of charity or because they are obligated to. People who give you the time of day only have one phrase in mind: “What’s in it for me?” It is therefore imperative that your email will answer that question immediately. Don’t waste time with fluff. Make it a point to show them the benefits first, then you can hit them with everything else once they are convinced that they’ll get something out of reading the email.

Brevity is the Key

A marketing email should be short without leaving out any crucial info or pitch. The reason being that there are a lot of email users who only scan emails. So make sure that any important information or call to action won’t be missed when the user is scanning. Keeping it short and simple will also be beneficial for people who are accessing their email through mobile, as they have small screens and probably very little time to read.

Mention Deadlines

It is always useful to mention deadlines, as it gives your prospects a sense of urgency and discourages dilly-dallying, lest they miss out on such a great offer. But the deadline should be chosen carefully. You don’t want to make it too far away that they’ll actually feel safe about putting it off for later (until they forget about it entirely), but you don’t want to make it too soon either as that could convince them that they don’t have any time to think carefully and decide, and just end up passing. The sweet spot is up to you, of course. You should do some surveys or research to find out the timeframe that is ideal for your kind of customers.


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