Email and Social Media are Your Keys to Marketing

Many experts in the technology field say marketing is consistency and repetition and that is why a consistent and repetitive approach is the key to effective marketing. Studies show consumers do not see an advertisement until they have been exposed several times. You will not be able to build a business by sending out one email or placing one advertisement here and there. It does not work this way. It takes time to build trust, and it takes time for consumers to make decisions and act on the decisions they make.

Do you know who your best prospects are? What their purchasing cycles are? What their triggers are? If not you must find out!

Email marketers have been embracing social media for the past year using elements to connect with brands on Facebook and Twitter, in email campaigns. Email and social media are the top methods marketers worldwide expect to increase in their budgets, for 2011.

The biggest challenge for email marketers will be a lack of resources and staff, which is the same problem affecting social media marketers.

Email and social media will continue to get closer as more marketers integrate the two mediums with each other. As marketers continue to bring the two tactics together, their approach will become more sophisticated.

The chances of getting any response from a single email are rare. Factor in the quality of your content, your audience, and your tracking methods — and it can be nearly impossible.

Here are some helpful tips:

Integrate Your Email Marketing with Your Social Media Campaigns

The Social Media Marketing trend is not going, so social media as a way for businesses to broaden and improve your email marketing.

Make Your Email Marketing Campaigns Mobile

Mobile devices should definitely influence your email campaign strategy. That means keeping images small and not using too many of them and keeping text short and to the point.

Engage Readers

If you want people to read what you send and respond to your call-to-action, you need to engage them. Grab them with a question or promotion. You can establish a dialogue by asking your readers to answer a question or to participate in events on Facebook or your company website.

Keep things Focused and Brief

Make sure you provide interesting and concise content. Have an objective, as well as a clear call- to-action. Do not try to accomplish too much with a single email campaign.

Keep the Design Simple

Promote your brand, but do not include too many images, because readers will get inundated and disregard your message.

You do want to make sure your email campaigns are well-designed, however do not let them distract the reader from your message. Provide links instead of inserting video clips.

Prepare Effective Email Campaigns

Remember you need to plan your email marketing campaign, for the entire year. Your business could benefit from email marketing during down times.

Discover What is Working by Tracking Campaigns

Be sure to enlist a provider who can track and provide analytics to determine which email campaigns were successful and which ones failed.

Social media has transformed the way the business world communicates. Make sure your readers have a reason and the ability to share your content. Your email campaigns are not a just a sales pitch or informational anymore, they are now a conversation. So, ask your audience to participate.  Ask you audience for feedback.

You can always become a better communicator. The influence of social media makes email marketing more personal, so embrace this fact and get started today!

*Did You Know— Facebook now has 50% of the words social media ad revenue at $1.76 billion in 2010, that’s up 165% from 2009.

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