Email Marketing Best Practices

how to increase your email open rateIf you want to succeed as an email marketer, you should remember to keep the following email marketing best practices in mind, and to try your best to apply them to your own campaigns. In no particular order:

Increase open rates by using incentives in the subject line

Sometimes, merely including an incentive in your subject line can already increase open rates by as much as 40%. This is because it is a much more efficient way of grabbing a prospect’s attention than just including the incentive inside the body.

Minimize your typefaces to 3 or less

This will improve the overall look of your email and reduce clutter, thereby giving your readers a much more pleasant and less tedious experience.

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Make sure your message and call to action are above the fold

If your call to action and main message are below the fold, chances are a third of your recipients won’t even get to see it. Additionally, you should try to repeat the call to action at least 3 times throughout the message.

Don’t make your readers scroll horizontally

It’s pretty much common knowledge that nobody likes to scroll horizontally while reading. This is especially important in email marketing, as you’re basically begging for your readers’ time, and they don’t want theirs wasted. You should try to avoid messages that are so wide that they make the screen scroll horizontally. Different people have different resolutions, but 500-600 pixels wide is a safe size.

The best place to place a logo is in the upper left hand side of the email

It’s been proven by numerous eye tracking studies that people instinctively expect the logos to appear in the upper left hand side of emails. If you want your logo to be seen and remembered, put it there in order to ensure maximum visibility.

Create compelling subject lines

The subject line is where the majority of your fight to make a customer read is fought. If you fail to catch their attention from the start, they’re probably already a lost sale. In order to avoid this scenario, create subject lines that are no more than 30 to 50 characters, and have a sense of urgency. The subject line should also provide a clear indication of what they can expect from the email.

Use autoresponders to remind opt ins

Many readers tend to forget that they have already opted in to your list. You can set up an autoresponder that will help remind them that they have opted in to your email database.

Last but not the least, do a 5-second test

You need a friend or a business associate for this test. Basically, you just send them a copy of your email, then ask them if they can tell you what your call to action is within 5 seconds of receiving the email. If they succeed, your email is ready for sending. If not, you may want to do some rewrites.


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