Email Marketing Guide to Avoiding Anti-Spam Filters

how to avoid anti-spam filtersEmail marketing can be intimidating for novice marketers, mainly because it can be hard for them to believe that it’s still one of the most powerful and efficient online marketing methods today, even with the advent of other methods that use new technology. What’s worse, email clients nowadays have anti-spam filters that are very efficient, resulting in a lot of novice marketers never succeeding because their messages always end up in the spam inbox. If you’re one of these marketers, you can read the following email marketing guide on how to avoid being flagged as spam:

Include plain text in your newsletters

Personal non-commercial emails will always include a plain text part, even those that were written as an HTML message. Majority of antispam filters are suspicious of emails that don’t have a plain text part. Adding a plain text part also has the added benefit of ensuring that your newsletter is read even by people who can’t display html messages.

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Avoid depending too much on images

Most of your message should be text. Don’t put your messages and call to actions on images, as doing so has a number of disadvantages. First is that antispam filters are automatically sensitive to messages that contain a large number of images, particularly if the image/text ratio is too high in favor of images. Next is that it allows readers who have images blocked or have email clients that automatically hide non text messages to still read your call to action.

Don’t attach any file unless absolutely necessary

Anti spam filters are especially wary of attachments, as that’s where most trojans and viruses appear. The recipients themselves are also particularly wary of attachments, to the point that they may delete your mail without even reading and unsubscribe from your list just to stay on the safe side. There are also those users who have a limited space alloted for their inbox, and would not appreciate file attachments. If you must send a file to your subscribers, it would be better if you host them on an external location and just provide a link in your message.

Don’t use suspicious words

You’re familiar with these types of words, the overused pitches and slogans, the ones that constantly flood your own inbox and get set directly to the spam box. Avoid using these words, and you can do it by being original and writing your own creative subject lines and call to actions. You should also avoid controversial keywords or anything that could make an anti spam filter suspect that you’re up to no good.

Try to use SMTP

It’s true that direct send mode is very useful in many situations, but a lot of mail servers nowadays will not allow direct delivery of mails in order to prevent spam. So if you are planning to send a large amount of mail to a large number of recipients, you’re better off using SMTP in order to ensure delivery.


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