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email marketing list buildingEmail marketing list building is quite possibly the most important aspect of email marketing, to the point that the success or failure of your campaign will depend largely on the quality of your list. However, the act of email marketing list building itself is not as simple as simply buying a ready-made list or taking every single contact info you can find on the Internet. The best lists are always the ones that are grown organically, and if you ever want to take the same approach for your email marketing list building, you have to keep the following things in mind:

Use an Opt-In Form From Your Own Page

One of the key characteristics of a healthy list is that every single lead in it should be aware that they have given you their contact info. And you can ensure this by using an Opt-in Form on your own site. If they opted in, you can bet that they are automatically interested in the things that you are selling. At the very list, they will give you the benefit of the doubt instead of automatically sending your newsletters to the spam inbox.

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Use a Lead-Generating Freebie

It’s common knowledge that people like free stuff that has value (so don’t even think about giving away useless/extremely low discount promo codes that nobody really needs), and one way you can build a list from these people is by providing a freebie that they have to register to access. The best types of freebies are PDF eBooks or video tutorials, as these things are usually offered as products in and of themselves. This makes the recipients feel that they are really getting a freebie that matters.

Don’t Forget About Offline List Building

Everything doesn’t have to occur online. If you attend trade shows, exhibits, and various gatherings, you can get leads as well. This can be done two different ways. You can either get contacts manually (through forms visitors have to fill out) or you can give away leaflets containing your opt-in page’s URL or include the URL in your banner. Every strategy you employ online can be used offline as well – you’re not going to get as much offline, but it helps increase the number of organic leads you get.

Write Guest Blogs for Popular Sites

This approach is very powerful if you can get guest blogging gigs ate credible and authority sites. The fact that the owner of the site let you write means that you can be trusted, and the readers are less likely to be resistant to your pitches. You can include call to actions or links in your guest blogs, but of course, you need to ask the owner first if it’s allowed, as rules vary from person to person.

Take Advantage of Social Media

List Building is all about attracting eyeballs, and these days, nothing attracts eyeballs like social networks. Create facebook pages, youtube pages, and even pinterest accounts for your company, then tie it together so that they all point back to your company page, and ultimately to the opt-in page.


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