Email Marketing Statistics You Need to Consider

email marketing statisticsHere are some email marketing statistics you need to consider.

Now that people are spoiled for choice when it comes to channels for communication over the Internet (such as social networks, instant messages, voip, etc), it is understandable if people assume that E-mail is no longer relevant, and that e-mail campaign is no longer effective. However, facts would prove you wrong as e-mail is still a viable technology for both communications and marketing. If you are thinking of dropping e-mail altogether, here are a few email marketing facts you need to consider:

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More People Still Use Email than IM and Social Networking

Both Instant Messaging and Social Networking only have an estimated 2.7 billion active users each, while the number of active users of email is 3.3 billion. What’s even better when it comes to marketing is that users of IM and social networks are very hard to target, as there’s a lot of distractions going on. People on their email, on the other hand, only go to their inbox to read mails, one at a time. Once you get their attention, you’ve got it to yourself.

Majority of the Emails Sent All Over The World Are Business-Related

Last 2012, email marketing statistics estimated the amount of all emails sent around the world is 144.8 billion, and around 89 billion of those came from business accounts. And one key takeaway from these is that majority of emails sent all over the globe are not coincidental, nor are they spam, but actual correspondence between people for business purposes. Additionally, it is estimated that the number will continue to grow, and experts have projected that around 143 billion emails will be sent out from business accounts by 2016. Email campaign is alive.

Majority of Email Users Check Their Inbox Using a Mobile Device

According to email marketing statistics, 8 out of 10 smartphone owners use their device to check and send their emails, which means that email marketers are targeting people that can be reached anywhere, as they are able to carry their smartphone everywhere they go. Additionally, statistics also place over half of mobile workers as having a habit of checking their email immediately after waking up or immediately after getting dressed.

Subject Lines Matter According to Email Marketing Statistics

The words you use on the subject line are said to be the main deciding factors on whether the recipient will open the email or send it straight to the trash. The words that you should NOT use include Confirm, Join, Assistance, Speaker, Press, Social, and Invite. Instead, you have to use the more accepted words such as Apply, Opportunity, Demo, Connect, Payments, Conference, and Cancellation.

Teenagers Actually See a Lot of Potential in Emails

Contrary to what the old guard believes, majority of teenagers actually don’t see Email as a dying technology. According to surveys, only 15% of teenagers believe that email is dead. 44% believe it won’t die, and the rest (41%) simply don’t care. There is a lot of potential on an email campaign once marketers start to see this, as teenagers are a demographics that is sought after in many industries, particularly online.

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