Emercury Can Help You Expand Your Business Globally

The biggest benefit that the Internet brought to businesses is the fact that it effectively brings down geographical barriers. In the past, reaching potential customers required a huge amount of money that is only accessible to the largest of companies. But with the Internet, even a mom-and-pop store can spend a couple of hundred dollars on advertising and gain worldwide exposure.

If you’re one of these businesses seeking to expand globally, Emercury is here to help. Out of all the marketing and advertising channels on the Internet, email is still the most efficient in terms of ROI. Here are several reasons why Emercury will be your best bet on expanding your brand or company’s reach to all corners of the world:

Low Overhead

As mentioned above, email is low-cost and doesn’t require extensive technical knowhow. Emercury, for its part, has systems and infrastructure in place designed to make it as simple and straightforward for businesses to just jump in and adopt email marketing as one venue for expansion. Additionally, companies don’t need to be wary because email marketing is…

Low Risk

This is not to say that getting an email based campaign started will be completely free. That is simply not the case (and be wary of people trying to tell you that you don’t need to spend a single cent.) However, what’s true is that the barrier to entry isn’t made up of a huge pay wall. The low financial risk means that small businesses will be more confident to expand, instead of being afraid that the slightest mistake will result in huge losses.

Click here and sign up for a free account where you can send a total of 12,000 emails to no more than 2,000 recipients monthly.


Emercury has been around for a long time and has worked with hundreds of businesses. The experience that has been accumulated throughout the years will be beneficial when it comes to helping fledgeling new businesses find their footing in the email marketing industry. The tenure of Emercury also serves as a badge of proof, that the company has not let its clients down or steered them wrong. No company would last long without providing actual value to its clients.

Wealth of Tools and Extensive Support

It’s not just about providing its clients with the infrastructure to conduct their business online – Emercury also has a vast trove of tools from tracking, data mining, analyzing and even design tools that will ensure that new businesses will not be overwhelmed by the need to learn how stuff works. This way, they can focus more on what’s really important and what they’re really good at: running their business.

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