Emercury Tips: Is it Worth Targeting Staying at Home Moms?

If you’re a marketer on the lookout for a growing demographic with a huge purchasing power, you must look at stay-at-home moms. Stay at home mothers have access to the internet, a strong hold over their families’ financial choices, and are most likely to buy into your product if you put the right “hooks” in place.

Who are they?

The term “stay-at-home” mom might be too general for comfort, especially for someone who finds herself in the same label. The fact is that the term actually includes a wide variety of individuals who might find themselves in more than one of these categories:

i. Working mom who has chosen a “remote” work set-up to be in the company of her children more, with a husband who works in an office
ii. Working mom in a remote work set-up, with a non-working husband
iii. Non-working mom who is in charge of the kids and the household chores, with a working husband
iv. Single moms who need to work at home to properly take care of her child/children while working in a remote set-up

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And the list goes on. If we are to base is on the study done by Pew Research Center, though, it would seem that the label “stay-at-home” mom would encompass mostly mothers who are not very highly educated and who have working husbands. This would encompass about 68% of the sample they have managed to get. Single moms occupy about 20% of the study, cohabitating (unmarried) moms make up a mere 5%, and those with non-working husbands make up 7%. Highly educated moms who have opted to stay-at-home are only about 370,000, only 3.5% of the study.

From the year 2000, there is a significant rise in stay-at-home mothers. An estimated 8.4 million mothers were already staying at home to tend to their children instead of opting for a professional career in the corporate world. Fourteen years later, there’s a huge rise to that number, now with more than 10.4 million stay-at-home moms, opting for the set-up for different reasons.

Presumptions as to the rise in number of stay at home moms include the rising unemployment rate due to companies laying people off. The economy is bad, so less people have a chance to work. There is also the rising cost of child care. Since it’s harder to get work these days, and child care costs an arm and a leg, parents needed to make the choice to care for their kids on their own.

Important marketing facts on Stay-at-home moms

While the stay-at-home mom demographic is definitely more diverse than the label suggests, there are important marketing information to be had with the majority that falls in the label. These little facts can make a really big difference in your marketing attempts, if you wish to tap into this pool of consumers.

Stay at home moms are:

1. Highly likely to check on their Facebook account more than twice a day, and even update their Facebook regularly.
2. Not likely to consider mobile devices are distractions to family time.
3. Not likely to declare their children having to check her homework online, or their having to check her child’s grades online.
4. More likely to be on the lookout for their children’s (10-12) social media activities, and even friend them on Facebook.
5. Most likely to read, or even search for food and parenting articles online.
6. Not likely to be too concerned about the quality of their children’s extracurricular sports activities.
7. Less likely to have the power to manage long-term financial decisions in the household (husbands are likely to just give allowances for short-term expenses).
8. Not likely to own a tablet or an e-Reader.
9. Most likely to be hand-on with all activities pertaining to child care and household chores.
10. Not likely to think they can send their children to college.

What this tells you as a marketer

Stay-at-home moms are highly active in the social media, especially on Facebook. They won’t mind the use of mobile devices in their homes, and are very hands-on when it comes to healthcare and other short-term financial choices in the home. Their focus is on their kids, and they are most likely to be attracted to your call-to-action if you hook it with something that is relevant, like a child care article, or an article about food. They’re also in charge of budgeting the family’s money for short-term expenses, so they’re most likely to be very attracted to discounts and freebies.

Stay-at-home moms are growing very year, so they’re definitely a group to watch out for. Their reactions to social media marketing attempts are very relevant.

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