Emercury Tips: Time to Pay Attention to Stay at Home Dads

Man uses laptopStay-at-home dads are still a minority, and they experience all the difficult challenges every minority experiences, but that doesn’t mean that they make zero-impact in the way their families spend their money. In fact, any parent who is tasked to take care of the home has a lot to say when it comes to their families’ product consumption. Stay-at-home dads are significant as a niche, and their very existence poses a ripple in the way marketers view the American family in general. They’re growing in number—but more importantly, their existence also puts a lot of “old thought” when it comes to raising a family down the garbage chute. They’re unsettling traditional families because they are the “what-ifs”—they are windows to other possibilities in family dynamics.

What can a marketer gain from this?

It is important for a marketer to notice changes in societal behavior and be the first one to recognize how significant it is. As a marketer, the stay-at-home dad is an important demographic because they’re bound to grow, and there could be just as many stay-at-home dads as stay-at-home moms in the future. The fact that they’re a minority right now makes their sensitivities easier to recognize—and to use as hooks in marketing attempts.

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What we know of the stay-at-home dad so far

The existence of stay-at-home dads might have been triggered by the recession—with more dads losing their jobs and being forced, at the beginning, to take on the role of home managers. What’s interesting, though, is that some of them seemed to like their new role. This satisfaction must have spread, somehow, because more and more dads are making the conscious effort to cut down on their work load and spend more time with the family. Some have even chosen to be primary caregivers of their children so their wives can work.

The stay-at-home dad, in general, is slightly different from the stay-at-home mom. This is why it’s not effective for a marketer to simply apply the same marketing hooks used on the stay-at-home mom demographic. Below are general characteristics observed from stay-at-home dads that can play a big role in how you, as a marketer would design newsletters and other marketing paraphernalia to attract them.

1. They adhere to function more than emotion. If you want a stay-at-home dad to be attracted to your idea, point out practical functions. They react more to pragmatic calls-to-action than, say, emotional triggers. For example, if your product is health insurance, mention how much savings one could have should the unthinkable happen if only one has the proper health insurance. Give figures. If you’re selling detergents, talk about money and time saved with the use of a more powerful detergent vs. a cheaper but milder one.

2. They love humor. Humorous material relaxes them. They don’t always like materials that are drenched in seriousness. Whenever you can, and if appropriate, inject humor in your marketing materials.

3. They need you to be direct-to-the-point. Don’t waste their time. Drive at the point smoothly, and fast. The briefer you are with your message, the better.

4. Map it out for them. If you have a website, make it as easy to navigate as possible. Create links so male audiences can simply click on FAQs rather than directing them to email you their queries. They’re not likely to do so. They like to experience things on their own, with as little help from agents as possible.

5. Authority is important. Men like to hear it from experts, and it is important that the information they’re reading comes from a credible source. If you can establish your expertise in your subject matter, you’re more likely to have stay-at-home dads buy into your ideas.


While stay-at-home dads are fast growing, they only make up about 20% of the populace at present. Women still dominate the scene. If you can design a marketing paradigm that caters to both stay-at-home parents, you’re sure to benefit more from your marketing attempts. Don’t ignore women as audiences, but perhaps make some room for stay-at-home dads as well.

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