Getting Results Through Targeted Email Marketing

targeted-email-marketingEven with the rise in popularity of new ways of marketing online – such as through social media – e-mail marketing remains viable, and in most cases, still the most powerful. However, a lot of marketers feel that their conversion rates are dropping, and have come to the conclusion that the medium is starting to become obsolete. This is not the case. It just means that they’ve been losing prospects due to the competition, and because there’s so many different niches nowadays that it becomes counterproductive to cast a wide swathe of net. If you want to succeed these days, you have to learn how to do targeted email marketing. And here are a few things that will help you do such a thing:

Find out what your readers need and create content that addresses these needs – this is very powerful as even customers who are not yet ready to buy may stick around until they are ready, if you keep giving them information that is useful and relevant to their needs.

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Stick to a theme

Don’t just pump out information after information without making them relevant to each other. If you already have an idea on which topic your audience cares about, create features centered on said topic. You can provide customer success stories, tips, testimonials, announcements, and even promos or giveaways that are related to the topic. This will make you look organized and credible, and will also make your readers read all the way through the end, instead of just skimming and going directly to specific parts of the email that they are interested in.

Try to be original and offer content that has value

It’s hard to come up with original topics these days, but that doesn’t mean you should copy everybody else. You can take an existing topic and put your personal spin on it, do some research and back it up with hard to find industry statistics. Additionally, don’t give them fluff. Make sure the content you provide is genuinely useful.

Categorize your readers

Over time, you’ll get a feel for which features appeal to specific readers. If you have many quality readers who have different preferences, you should try to categorize and segment them, so that you can send out even more targeted content directly to the people who will appreciate them, thereby minimizing lost sales and increasing overall conversion rates.

Create a ripple effect

Encourage your readers to spread out your word and republish your articles anywhere they deem fit, provided that they provide proper credit. Not only will you help your customers pass along valuable information to their peers, you’ll also benefit by having an additional distribution channel that may turn out to be a wider, more powerful one than what you originally started out with.

Encourage 2-way communications

Customers love it when they are made to feel like their input matters and affects things, so invite them to participate in discussions and to give their two cents through public comments or through feedback emailed directly to you.

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