Grow Your Business a Thousandfold in a Year With Content Marketing

If you want to grow business revenue by as much as a thousand times in a year’s time, your best bet is to invest time writing more and starting a content marketing campaign. The Internet these days has opened up several venues for content marketing, allowing marketers to approach various channels based on their strengths and/or expectations. If you want to try your hand at content marketing, here are a number of easy ways to hit the ground running:

Start a Company Blog

You can start a company blog and post on it on a regular basis. It doesn’t have to be daily, but you do need to maintain a regular schedule. Don’t let long periods of inactivity followed by random spurts of content. Consistently posting 3 blog posts a week is much better than churning out 5 posts in a day followed by a week of inactivity.

Starting a company blog not only helps you get started with producing content, it also works as a means for you to learn the craft and develop your own voice. Just make sure you pick the right topic and write according to what you want the company’s image to be. Don’t post blogs that will ruin the company’s reputation.

Contribute to Major Business Publications

Major business publications welcome unpaid contributors as it lets them populate their websites with content, while leaving their in-house staff free to focus on more important tasks and assignments. Don’t expect to get paid with this, because that’s not the point of contributing. The point is that a major business publication will give you a lot of exposure as well as increase your authority within your industry/niche.

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Mine Your Presentations for Content

This one will save you a lot of time while also letting you produce content. If your business has been around for a while, chances are you have a lot of powerpoint presentations lying around. You can convert them into articles and infographics, which should take less time than actually writing content from scratch. This will jumpstart your content marketing campaign as it will help you produce a ton of content without spending too much time writing.


Finally, if you’re very comfortable writing for an audience, there is a chance that you’re also comfortable with verbal communication. If you can do this, you can approach groups that might be interested in your content and offer to speak for free on certain topics. Many organizations are in need of presenters who will not require payment. Like contributing to a major publication, speaking at high profile events will boost your company’s reputation and credibility.

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