How to Combine Emercury Data with Your Marketing Touch

Many people would consider Steve Jobs as one of the greatest marketing minds of his generation, and they would point to his principle – that he didn’t need market research because customers wouldn’t knew what they wanted until he shows it to them – as the reason for his success. While this may be true, it also has the negative effect of making people think that market research no longer has any use. Don’t forget that Jobs was the exception to the rule, which is why his strategy doesn’t work for other companies (and some would say Apple as well, now that Jobs is no longer at the helm.)

For other companies marketing data is still extremely important. Enough to consider it as the catalyst for a marketing revolution – just this year, Gartner has pointed to CMOs that are spending more on IT than CIOs, and VentureBeat has reported that marketing technology companies are attracting over $50 billion in investment.

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Gut feel is a very real phenomenon, and prominent neuroscientist Antonio Damasio has even published a report that points to biological responses to information outpacing our neurological recognition, but whether said response is appropriate is another matter entirely. Another study, this time a 20 year one conducted by Philip Tetlock on political pundits show that the efficiency of judgments made on gut feel had the same accuracy rate as flipping a coin. In marketing, staking your business on a 50% chance of success is extremely risky and not sound business.

The Real Reason Why Marketers Prefer Gut Feel

One of the biggest reasons why marketers are still fascinated with gut feel and willing to eschew marketing research is that they are intimidated by big data. It used to be that the industry relied on backward looking surveys for data analysis but now data is collected in real time and at amounts that are significantly larger than what we are used to. With it comes precision, but many of the old guard are having trouble adjusting to the paradigm shift.

Thankfully, technology these days is not only fast enough to crunch all the numbers in real time as well, it is also super smart. Emercury, for its part, provides many tools that not only help marketers collect data, but also to analyze and make sense of it, so that they can take advantage of the increased efficiency and accuracy, and ultimately use it to boost their customer base and bottomline.

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