How to Succeed in Email Marketing this Holiday Season

There is a cornucopia of internet information available about the upcoming holidays and the marketing efforts companies will execute to try and win a piece of the pie. Below are some interesting morsels to digest as you prepare for the final weeks of 2011.
There have already been a few twists on the traditional Black Friday and Cyber Monday tactics in the market this year.  Many retailers have offered Black Friday deals months in advance. The in-store shopping experience is also breaking the mold this year.  Stores are opening at midnight or wrapping up turkey dinners early and opening their doors Thanksgiving evening and staying open overnight.
  • You should sign up for competitors’ email programs. It is important to see how they are messaging their Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers in advance of the big day. Closely monitor their emails throughout the sales period to see if their promotions are becoming more aggressive. Here is a valid suggestion – when reviewing the email marketing blasts of competitors try to open and not click, click and not purchase, and even purchase from the emails to see if the mailing frequency or promotions change.
  • Know where to get your results. You should monitor your results on the day you send. Do a trial run for your Black Friday and Cyber Monday mailing to make sure you understand the immediate trends for your mailings.
  • Make sure your team understands the importance of Black Friday and Cyber Monday to your business. Discuss the expectations for availability over the Thanksgiving weekend and rest of holiday season.
  • Make sure you have a back-up plan. Select additional products and price points you can offer and prepare your ecommerce platform with secondary coupon codes or discounts. This could save you hours.
  • Valuable time and revenue can be lost if you need to make creative revisions during peak hours. Marketers can make quick adjustments to segments and deploy a mailing, but making creative changes can take hours to turnaround. You do not want to find yourself in a creative bottleneck, so prepare email creative alternatives in advance.
  • Have a re-mailing strategy included in your plan. Customers will have a significant spike in the amount of email in their inbox so make sure you have a calculated approach to your re-mailing.  This will help decrease abuse complaints and unsubscribes which in turn could help avoid some blocking issues.  One method is to build segments based on engagement.
  • Sending a creative variation, changes in your call-to-action, etc. is great for subscribers who have shown they are engaged but did not see anything in the email that made them interested enough to click through.
  • Target your clickers who have not purchased –this is your most engaged subscriber. They were not only interested enough to open your email but also clicked. Something happened before checkout that made them abandon the purchase. This audience will be the one to go after.  Make sure you use a subject line and creative that drives to purchase. In addition to featuring your promotion, reference customer service information, your return policy, and shipping options and deadlines.
‘Tis the season to Become Visible so you need to contact the professionals at Emercury TODAY, to assist you with all your email marketing holiday requirements. Always be prepared but also accept your strategies will change.
*Did You Know – it is best to choose a company that sends out mass email. Many email providers will not send out more than a dozen email messages at a time, and many email providers will block email messages that have been sent out to a large number of other recipients. Companies that send out mass email can bypass these restrictions, allowing an email blast to reach thousands of people at a time.

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