How to Succeed in Email Marketing

Consumers look at who the sender is and what the subject is before deciding whether or not to open an email message.

In other words, you need to become a trusted sender, so you can email market successfully.

Here are some rules to succeed with Email Marketing:

Give them what they want— Before you start sending emails to your database remember how or why someone opted-in to your email list. Did you promise them something? If you have not yet delivered on your promise you should do that before trying to sell them anything. Provide information along with the promotions you are offering. Send some emails which only contain information. This can assist you in increasing consumer confidence and more importantly, consumer loyalty.

Design your Email Format so it is Simple and Concise — Consumers read their emails EVERYWHERE – on their computers, phones, even televisions. You must keep this in mind when developing your email. You want your emails to be clean and easy to read. HTML emails look great but many people do not read their emails in a format that will retain the formatting. Though you can still use this format you want to make sure the email will be easy to read and follow if they do not receive it in an HTML format. Keep your emails short and remember most people scan a message. Highlight the most important aspects of your email and remember less is more.

Provide an Opt-Out Option— Give your database the option to opt-out. People will appreciate when you do not hold their email address captive. If you do, you will lose their confidence and loyalty.

Now that we have reviewed some rules, let us discuss the next steps you need to climb to move forward with your email marketing efforts:

Devote time each week— Observe a webinar about subscriptions; consumers who have unsubscribed; bounces; statistics – i.e. opens and clicks; and utilizing social media.

Decide your frequency — We suggest sending at least one message monthly or multiple newsletters if you promote more than one service. You also should send promotional messages offering a discount.

Isn’t it time to include a sign-up form on your website — You need to collect new subscribers.

Grab their attention — Design a new template for your email marketing campaigns.

Develop relevant content in your messages — Continue sending your materials, announcements, or promotions with consistent frequency. When your list grows, you will notice increased traffic which should produce increased sales.

Add a line similar to the following to the top of your emails

Don’t Forget to ADD yourcompanyname@here TO YOUR ADDRESS BOOK to guarantee future deliveries to your inbox.

*Did You Know— Spammers can purchase lists legally and illegally. When you sign up for a website or a service make sure you read the privacy policy carefully to find out what the site plans to do with your email address.

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