How to Use Content Marketing to Grow Your Business

It can be surprising to know that in this day and age, there are still businesses out there that have yet to take advantage of the Internet. These businesses are missing out, because the Internet is easily the most cost-efficient and powerful marketing and branding tool that they could have, even if their products or services have nothing to do with technology. Out of the multitudes of platforms and channels online, one of the oldest but still powerful methods is through content marketing. If you want to grow your business through content marketing, here are a few things that will help you get started:

Start a Blog

You need to start a company blog, as this will help show people that there are people behind the name. Just make sure you are careful with what you post on the blog. Remember that this will represent the business to the online world, so check ego at the door and try to put your best “customer face” on while posting on the blog. If possible, make sure the blog updates are run through the company’s PR department but don’t let protocol slow down the content updates. New content needs to be posted at least 3 times a week.

As for the content of the blog, it could be updates on company events, product updates, or even just reviews of your services. You can even post informative content that are related to your company’s industry.

Become a Contributor on Other Places

Major business publications usually offer to publish contributors on their websites. The opportunity doesn’t pay much, if at all, but aspiring writers usually take it up for the exposure. For your company, the benefit of contributing isn’t the pay but the opportunity to get its name out there, as the websites will allow you to place the company’s name (and maybe even a link back to the website) on the author’s Bio box.

If your company is credible enough within the industry, no matter how small, the publications will welcome your contributions, as it will also give their content some added credibility.

Post Presentations Online

Companies usually fail to realize that they’re sitting on treasure troves of informative content via the various presentations that they have accumulated through the years. Some of these can be posted through Slideshare or any similar service as is, but the rest can be edited a little bit in order to make them relatable to the average viewer (and to remove any confidential information and trade secrets.) There are also those that can be used as references for writing new blog posts.

Lastly, Use Social Media

In the past, marketers have heralded social media as the new platform that will dethrone content marketing, but that’s until they realized that it shouldn’t be an either/or as both methods of marketing are viable and will work better in tandem.

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Most social networks now provide embedding and sharing tools that will help tie your blog updates to the service and vice versa (e.g. your blog updates can be automatically tweeted while your tweets can show up automatically on your website.) Use these to great effect in order to keep your fans and customers updated of any important news or new content.

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