How Website Traffic Generation Has Evolved

The Internet has been around for quite some time now, but compared to other medium of communication, it is relatively new and is still seeing major changes. One of the biggest this past decade is the way in which websites generate traffic. It’s safe to say that we still haven’t seen the final form it will take, but it can’t be denied that website traffic generation has evolved in ways that still stump many marketers.

Basically, website traffic generation did a complete 360. Back in the early days of the web, driving traffic to a website is subject to a bit of luck and randomness, as people were still trying out many things hoping to see what will eventually stick. At that time, traffic came directly from word of mouth and trading links with other webmasters. Of course, you do need to have content that people will want to visit.

Putting the Horse In Front of the Cart

To get consistent and massive traffic, website owners at that time resorted to methods and channels that are emancipated from the website itself – from throwing money at banners and pop up advertising to offline promotions. Some of those practices stuck and are still being used today, but in general, the system was thrown out of whack due to a number of factors, including the number of websites competing for attention and the rise of Google.

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Fundamentally, website traffic generation has also gone back to its roots – with content and the wants/needs of visitors being the priority. It’s no longer about creating something and then finding people who will want it. These days, the basic principle behind website traffic generation is that you specifically create something that people will want and then putting it out there so that people will find it.

Traffic Generation Through Networking

The single biggest change in website traffic generation is the dependence on the network effect. Social media has proven that traffic on the Internet these days is driven by selfishness – people will come if they think it’s something to do about them. Whether it’s the feeling that they stumbled on something that they can share or something that they feel accurately represents them, it’s about making people feel a connection. It’s no longer about forcing your brand or image on people. It’s a realization that many large businesses and marketers still have trouble with these days. They have it ingrained in them that it’s all about their brand, and that they have to get people to look at it through any means possible.

It goes against their deep-seated belief that traffic on the Internet these days is about catering to the needs of the customers first and foremost. The best way to drive traffic these days is to make people care on a personal level. It’s no longer just “build it and they will come,” but “build it for them, and they will come.”


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