Myths About Affiliate Marketing and How Emercury Can Help you

It’s true that affiliate marketing is one of the most effective ways to make money online. However, many would be online marketers end up giving way to early because they fall victim to some of the worth myths about affiliate marketing, ensuring that they’ll never see enough progress in their career. If you want to start a career in affiliate marketing or if you’re already in affiliate marketing but worried that you’re doing something wrong, you might want to check out the following affiliate marketing myths and learn how Emercury can help you avoid them:

Affiliate Marketing System Is Easy to Set Up and Manage

Don’t let anyone sell you in on a turnkey system that will let you “rake in the profits” without doing any hard work. An affiliate marketing program is a lot of work – from the set up to the actual operations, you’ll be putting in work required to earn the money. Sure, you can do it at home or anywhere you have access to the Internet, but don’t mistake telecommuting as a magic way to avoid actual work.

However, requiring a lot of work and being complicated at times doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to go in blind. This is where Emercury comes in. We try to help affiliate marketers with the tedious task of running an affiliate marketing by allowing them to automate certain tasks and forego things that don’t need to be done manually, such as creating email layouts (Emercury provides access to hundreds of high quality/professionally designed email templates that you can use as is or tweak further.)

You Need to Find a Lucrative Niche In Order to Make Affiliate Marketing Work

This is one of the more pervasive myths out there, owing to the fact that it does sound logical – the word “lucrative” means exactly as it does in the dictionary, after all. It’s kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy, in the sense that many of the affiliate marketers who succeeded are ones who “found” a lucrative niche. However, belief in this myth can actually hamper novices. The thing with this myth is that it results in marketers adopting a “jump on the bandwagon” mentality. Once a lucrative niche is found, everybody jumps on it and it ends up getting saturated, hence no longer lucrative for most. It’s a self-defeating myth.

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Emercury helps novices avoid this myth by encouraging our users to do their own testing and analyze trends and responses, using our various testing and tracking tools. We’re not going to tell you which niche is lucrative (not that anybody could,) but we will give you all the tools necessary to find out on your own.

You Need to Get Your Product on As Many Sites as Possible

One of the pitfalls for marketers is the “volume mentality,” in which they think that success is dependent on them blasting as many product links out there in the hopes that random clicks and conversions will come and accumulate eventually. The main problem with this is that Quality still trumps Quantity when it comes to affiliate marketing. It doesn’t matter how many sites get your links up, if the traffic they’re getting won’t convert, you’re ending up with nothing but a bunch of links that Google might see as link farming links. This means your main site could actually get penalized, so no. Avoid the volume mentality.

Emercury in this case again helps via our various metric tracking and analyzing tools. You’ll be able to track all the relevant statistics and make sense out of them. That way, you won’t be slave to the volume mentality and will instead be able to only target links and clicks that matter.


Affiliate marketing is hard work, so don’t fall for turnkey scams. But it is a lucrative business and rewarding if you don’t fall for various myths that have developed around the industry. Emercrury, for our part, will help you along the way and ensure that your success is dependent on your own hard work instead of some kooky myth that people have been brandishing about all over the net.

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