Online Marketing Strategies on a Budget

It’s no secret that marketing campaigns cost money, and that a bigger budget usually gives large businesses the advantage. However, the real trick is maximizing the ROI, mainly because a marketing campaign would that cost as much or more than the business it would bring is not a good use of money. The case becomes particularly more important in the context of small to medium sized businesses who don’t have a large budget. If you fall into this category, there are several things you can do to still get the benefits of marketing without breaking your budget, such as:

Get Endorsement From a Local Celebrity

Celebrity endorsements are very powerful, as not only are you able to leverage their popularity, you also gain from the trust and relationship you have built with their fans. For budget strapped businesses, there is no need to seek endorsements from A-list superstars. Local heroes, such as a very popular resident or well-loved local government official will also have the same effect. In the case of the latter, they may even do it for free as it also works as endorsement on their end.

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Contribute Content to a Niche Website or Blog

If you don’t have deep pockets, you can pretty much rule out having ads on a major magazine but these days, a niche website or blog will have just as much (probably even wider) reach as major magazines, and they will appreciate content from you. Find the websites that target your market and then contact the owner, offering a few ideas for content that you can contribute. This is particularly powerful because you’re getting your name out to the people who can relate to your product or brand.

Create a Community on a Social Media Network

Whether it’s a Facebook page or a LinkedIn Group. It costs nothing to create a social media page for your business these days, and you don’t even have to hire new staff to manage it at first. Upon creation, you can set things up and mingle with customers online on your own, or you can assign the duties to another employee as an extra task. If highschool students can create huge, sprawling online communities on their spare time, so can you. You only need to hire a dedicated social media manager if it gets big enough to require constant attention. By then, the social media extensions of your business will be bringing in so much attention and indirect sales that the additional staff will be worth it.

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