Starting an Effective Email Marketing Campaign

starting an effective email marketing campaignAs with any endeavour, the hardest part in starting an effective email marketing campaign is almost always the beginning, because you’re grasping at straws if you’re not yet familiar with the process, and chances are you’re afraid that making a mistake early on will bite you in the posterior a few months later, after you’ve already invested a lot of time, effort, and maybe even money. In order to avoid that scenario, here are a few tips on what to do (or what not to do) when starting an effective email marketing campaign:

First of All, Don’t Spam

There is one big thing that separates an effective email marketing campaign from spam: deception. True email marketing gets people to read and buy simply by providing something of interest and value, while spam gets people to read and buy through deception and tricks. So before you start, think of every thing you’re doing in order to convince people to read and in order to increase conversion rates. Are they designed to inform, encourage and guide people? Are do you resort to fake subject lines and copied identities? The latter is spamming and will get you nowhere fast, especially nowadays when spam filters and automated blockers are so advanced that they no longer require the user’s intervention.

Another thing that separates legit email marketing from spam is permission. If you don’t want to get into trouble, make sure you have permission to send everyone an email. You don’t just buy a list of contacts and start blasting emails unannounced. It’s fine if you built the list yourself as most people who sign up are already aware, but if you somehow bought a list, make sure you send out an introductory email first, one that states what you’re doing and the fact that they’ll receive future emails. The email should also include an opt out link, so that people who are not interested will have a way of opting out and you won’t find yourself on a spam filter or block list.

Inform your Subscribers

Let your subscribers know exactly what they will receive when they subscribe to you. Is it discounts for clothes? News about computers? Coupons for WalMart? When they opt in, let them know clearly what are the things they will receive and how often.

Send Attractive Contents

They gave you the permission to send them offers and content, make it worth their while. Send relevant contents, attractive freebies and others that will make them want to continue subscribing to you.

Segment your List

Group your list according to their interest. There is no reason to send Cloud Computing newsletter to a group that’s interested in getting discounts from clothing brands.

Make it Easy For Your Subscribers to Share Your Content

One of the strengths of email marketing is that each subscriber has the potential to become an evangelist or a marketer by proxy, if you give them enough value. They will share your newsletters with their friends and contacts, so try to make it easier for them. Provide “Share this” links, integrate your mails with twitter and facebook, etc. Make it so that all they need to do to send a copy to their friends is click a single button.

Last But Not The Least, Track and Analyze Your Data

It’s understandable if you’re going in blind, but it’s unacceptable if you remain in the dark longer than you need to be. You need to make a point of tracking all of your data – from responses, to conversion rates, to opt-outs and anything related to your campaign, then analyze it in order to come up with solutions, improvements, and contingency measures.


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