Strategies for Re-Engaging Inactive Customers

One of the pitfalls in email marketing is that there will be a point in time where majority of the contacts in your list will be inactive subscribers. Most list owners will just chuck it out and just build or buy a new one. But before you do that, you should first see if there is a chance to reengage these inactive subscribers. Here are some strategies you can employ:

Send Relevant Emails

People these days are always busy, and they’re particularly overwhelmed with emails. This means they have a tendency to ignore mails that are impersonal or irrelevant. Many inactive subscribers fall into this category, so in order to reengage them, you have to start sending mails that are relevant to the users. Sometimes merely changing the way in which you address them (into something more personal) will do wonders in getting them to open your mails again.

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Ask for Feedback

Not all of the inactive users on your list are inactive because they’re not receiving any mails or because they’re no longer around. Some of them are simply not interested because your emails provide nothing of value to them. In this case, it is best to ask what you can do to improve their experience instead of pruning them off your list. You will be surprised how many users you could get back simply by changing a few things in your email or in your strategy.

Re-Target Them Through Other Businesses

If you have other businesses or newsletters, there is a chance that the inactive customers are better suited for those niches, so try to send them an email asking if they’re interested in signing up for a different list instead. You may end up reengaging a few inactive subscribers.

Ask Them to Update Their Information

This works as a way to “wake up” inactive customers that just need a little nudge or reminder. Simply send them an email that their information might be outdated and needs refreshing. Even if they don’t want to update their information, you at least were able to remind them that your list exists.

Reassess Your Sending Frequency

Last but not the least, you may want to reassess your sending frequency. Sometimes the problem lies in the fact that some marketers tend to go overboard when it comes to volume and frequency of emails, resulting in their emails being treated (and marked) as spam. Slow down and make sure you send emails like a human, instead of a spam machine.

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