The Underrated Marketing Machine List Owners Should Be Using

Google’s video-streaming and sharing site Youtube is one of the most trafficked websites on the Internet, and the amount of time each user spends on the network is significantly more than the amount they spend on other networks, by virtue of videos having the tendency to keep them glued to the screens.

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However, it is kind of a mystery why more marketers aren’t taking advantage of the service, with the only adopters being large multinational corporations (that can afford premium advertising on the service) and people who are making a living out of their youtube videos.

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The truth is that Youtube in and of itself is a powerful marketing machine that even small companies and email marketers with very little marketing budget can take advantage of. Think of it this way: it’s free to upload content on the service, and you have the chance to be exposed to millions of engaged users all over the globe. It’s frankly foolish to not even consider Youtube as one of your additional channels for marketing and list building. Here are a few more reasons why:

It Can Generate Not Just Awareness or Leads, But Sales As Well

Email marketers tend to focus on using social networks to drive traffic and generate leads, which is fine because that’s exactly what their responsibilities are, but an opportunity to generate sales directly should never be ignored. Youtube itself can be used to generate sales, particularly because video works so well on consumers’ short online attention spans.

Youtube is Cost-Effective

Cost Per Mile on traditional digital advertising varies, and their ability to generate sales or create awareness of your brand is inconsistent at best. With Youtube, however, you are not limited to a single glance at a static display ad. You can serve up to 30 seconds of audiovisual content to potential customers. And that’s just the in-stream ad service. Nothing prevents small businesses from creating their own content channel for free and posting promotional videos that pass off as entertainment content. If you get one of those two go viral, you would have saved millions on advertising cost.

Your Target Audience is Most Likely on Youtube

Youtube boasts of more than one billion unique monthly users encompassing almost every demographic that any brand wants to reach. You have a better chance of reaching out to your target audience more than any cable network or magazine, and may also allow you to reach potential customers who aren’t normally part of your target demographic.

With all the above reasons, there’s really no downside to using Youtube as another marketing machine for your email marketing strategy. But don’t take it to mean that you should abandon your other campaigns in favor of youtube – like any marketing channel out there, it works best as a complement to your existing ones. Remember that you shouldn’t put all of your eggs in one basket, regardless of how good that basket is at the moment.

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