Use Your Blogging Skills To Become a Successful Affiliate Marketer

These days, many bloggers are interested in making some money off their blog. There’s nothing wrong with that – creating and maintaining a quality blog takes even more time and effort than an entry-level job that the bloggers really do deserve to get paid for it. Unfortunately, making money out of a blog – even a successful one – is more difficult than people would expect. Sure, there are ad banners that sort of make earnings convenient, but the returns on running ads are usually not worth it, when you could be earning much more than a dayjob’s pay if you took your blogging skills and use it to become a successful affiliate marketer.

What is an Affiliate Marketer?

Basically, you promote or market other people’s products, whether by doing reviews on them or simply writing blog posts about their products (or sometimes services.) You provide a link to where the reader can avail of the affiliate’s products, and you get a commission when a person coming from your link buys.

Leveraging Your Blog For Affiliate Marketing

Blogs are well-suited to affiliate marketing primarily because they tend to be more personal, and is therefore more likely to be trusted by its regular readers compared to big name commercial sites or websites of the manufacturers themselves. If you want to try your hand at turning your blog into an affiliate site, here are some tips to get you started.

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Promote Quality Over Quantity

This can be streamlined to the very simple motto of “don’t spam.” If you’re going to promote an affiliate product, make sure the blog post that you’re going to write about it is a quality blog post. Refuse the temptation to pump out walls of text that contain nothing but nonsensical statements wrapped around a few keywords, just to trick people into visiting and clicking. Remember: your job is to make people buy through your link. You can trick people into clicking, but you’re not likely to make them part with their money using the same tactic.

So write well-meaning, thoughtful, and mostly honest blog posts. If the affiliate product you’re promoting is really something worth buying, you won’t have trouble coming up with the words.

Make Sure You’re Honest About the Products

To be more accurate: don’t promote products that you think are crappy or aren’t worth buying. Otherwise, you’re essentially scamming people and scamming isn’t really a sustainable business. When people find out that you tricked them into buying a subpar product, they’re never going to trust you again. So don’t be a snake oil salesman. Do your research about the product you’re promoting in order to ensure that they’re really worth buying.

Last But Not the Least: Practice Transparency

You don’t have to include a lengthy disclaimer on every post, but make sure there are indications somewhere in your site that you are getting something out of promoting the products. Contrary to what most people believe, this will not make people trust your blog post less. In fact, they’ll appreciate you being upfront as they no longer have to worry about your motives. They’ll know you’re getting something out of it, and will be in a better state of mind to absorb the text in your blog post. If you’re really good and convincing, they will buy even if they know you’re doing it to earn money. Come to think of it, some readers are more likely to buy if they know it will reward you as well.

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