What Bloggers Need to Understand About Email Marketing

Back when people first started realizing that there is money to be made online, many of the upstarts went with blogging as the main platform. Literally thousands of blogs related to monetization appeared, and while many of them have since closed as the industry has somewhat stabilized itself, the truth is that blogging is still very much profitable. However, what most novice bloggers don’t understand (and what professional bloggers fail to mention,) is that you need to have an email list.

Of course, anybody who’s serious about starting a blog knows that an email list is valuable and can help, but it’s not prioritized because it is seen as completely optional – people believe that it helps the user experience yet doesn’t help the bottomline at all. This can be a big mistake. Not only will email marketing help a blog in terms of revenue, there are even times when an email list will supercede the blog in importance, as the owner eventually realizes that it’s more productive to use the blog to get more opt-ins instead of the other way around.

One thing to keep in mind is that when you do email marketing for a blog, you don’t simply replicate your RSS feed service. The contents of a newsletter should tie in with the blog, but they should provide unique value that can’t be found on the blog. Otherwise, you’re just spamming your existing userbase.

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The Benefits of Email Marketing for Blogs

As for what an email list can do for blogs, you need to think of it this way: blogs require more effort to consume, as people need to go out of their way to visit the websites and read the content there (all the while stopping what they are doing elsewhere.) An email, on the other hand, arrives on their inbox and can be consumed in the middle of checking their mails. It’s all about convenience – email simply has more of it. And what’s the one thing that the Internet thrives on? Right. Convenience. It became so widely used because it’s convenient. It made people’s lives easier.

So between an email list and a blog, people will usually read the email as it comes in, but will only visit the blog at their own convenience. This means if you need to improve the retention of your blog’s readerbase, as well as get the attention of people who aren’t as keen on being updated, you employ an email list.

It’s not one-sided relationship, though. An email list can benefit from a blog if it is used to increase opt-ins. Ideally, the perfect setup is to use the email list to build a deeper relationship with blog visitors, while using the blog to get more subscribers for the email list, effectively creating a revolving door of content consumers.

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