What Makes an Email Marketing Manager

What makes an email marketing managerEmail marketing has become such an important and powerful tool for organizations these days, that it has driven lots of companies to start hiring an email marketing manager that will be in charge of their programs and campaigns. But what exactly are the duties of an email marketing manager? If you belong to a company that is planning to hire a full time email marketing manager or someone who wants to start working as one, these are the things that you should expect:

1. Achieve marketing goals via the coordination and delivery of customer communication emails or newsletters.

2. Collaborate with marketing and content teams in order to facilitate the creation of effective newsletters and marketing content.

3. Proofread and test content, in order to ensure that it is compliant with the company’s policies and effectively conveys clarity and consistency with the brand.

4. Enforce and practice best practices related to email usage and standard naming conventions.

5. Ensure that the newsletters, emails, and any content meant for email marketing be of high quality and passes deliverability standards.

6. Coordinate with other departments in order to improve email channels in all areas and address problems pertaining to areas outside of a marketer’s expertise.

7. Help increase sales and revenue through the development of innovative email marketing techniques.

8. Develop and execute email marketing campaigns.

9. Be up to date on industry developments in order to avoid possible problems or adopt new improvements as they come.

10. Monitor, track, and analyze the results of email marketing campaigns and strategies, in order to devise and recommend improvements.

11. Maintain and serve as the safekeeper of the email accounts that are used for the company’s email marketing operations.

12. Develop standard operating procedures for the execution of email strategies.


An email marketing manager should also be proficient in a number of things in order to become effective at his job. This includes, as the bare minimum, proficiency in various Microsoft Office applications and usage of the Internet and various email marketing software.

Additionally, the person should also be familiar or be willing to learn how to use any custom software used by the company. Outside of software, an email marketing manager should also be knowledgeable in various web standards, such as file size optimization and basic html. Graphic design skills are not required, but will be a definite advantage (and may even save the company money as there’s no longer going to be any need to hire a designer for minor tasks).


A bachelor’s degree in marketing, advertising, communication studies or related fields is not a must if the person has prior experience in a marketing related field. People with no prior experience should at least have taken classes in important subjects such as marketing principles, integrated marketing communications, advertising, communications media studies, economics, statistics, public speaking and creative writing. Employers should take note that candidates with bachelor’s degrees or MBAs from top tier universities will command higher salaries, compared to those whose qualifications only rely on past experiences in different companies or related fields.

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