When is the most effective time to send your emails?

Good for you – you have decided to embrace the necessity for email marketing. It is a wise choice.

There is an old adage that says – ‘Timing is Everything’ – this is true in life as well as email marketing.

So when is the most effective time to send?

Our research, here at Emercury, shows the best days are Tuesdays, Wednesdays,and Thursdays. The reason these days are better (for businesses) is simple – during Saturdays and Sundays your audience is not in the office. We suggest, on Mondays, you allow existing and prospective customers to get caught up after their weekend. Monday tends to be a day when there is a multitude of internal work and organizing to complete. In other words – leave them alone.
What about Fridays? People are generally in a good mood. They are more likely to reciprocate a quality solicitation – right? Wrong! They are closing out the week, and their minds can be elsewhere. Too often a project commencing on a Friday can be overlooked Monday.

I want to reiterate, so you follow this formula — the days to send to your subscribers are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Since these days are mid-week, your subscribers should be in the ideal state of mind to want to read, and hopefully convert on your newsletter. Monday nobody really has the time, or wants to take the time, to read a sales email. Likewise, Fridays are often filled with wrapping up work and procrastination. Do not send your message on Friday, unless you do not want people to read it. Statistically, Friday is one of the worst days possible to send an email blast.

Additional days to steer clear of are holidays and primary vacation months.

The time of day you send your email blast is not as important, but it definitely must be considered. Research when your readers are online. You do not have to presume – go to your logs. Discover when your website receives the most traffic. You can find out when the people on your list joined. If you find a pattern within an approximate time range, then select that time to send your emails.

We suggest, to our Emercury clients as a general rule of thumb, to send your email blast between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. You want your message to reach your audience when they are most accessible. Early in the morning and late in the afternoon are not those times. People will be more frenzied in the morning – retrieving their coffee, making a quick call, cleaning out their inbox – you do not want your message to get lost in that shuffle.

Remember; do not place all your email marketing strategic thought in these areas. Let your subscribers have a say with their purchases. Tracking and testing is the only way to know when your audience is the most willing to respond to your offer. As a business owner, what you need to prioritize is finding your niche market for your email list; this allows you to target your sales messages. When you have defined you market, you can have a targeted business email list with contacts who welcome your offers and the priceless information you send them. The more you refine your niche market, the easier it is for you to furnish your audience with their specific needs and interests. People do not respond to impersonal emails. They react when you relate to them and provide a solution.

*Did You KnowSMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, which controls email relay on the Internet. All online mailing services use SMTP, and all email is SMTP mail. Delivering email and e-marketing since 1996, SMTP.com is the world’s oldest independent SMTP service provider.

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