Which Channels Drive the Best Landing Page Conversion Rates?

Marketing has always been a numbers game. Even when it moved online, it is still heavily reliant on finding the channels that provide the best conversion rates and maximizing said channels for maximum returns. It’s common sense to use your own analytics when gauging which channels to prioritize in terms of conversion rates, but it is also important to look at industry benchmarks in order to see if your campaigns are measuring up with the rest of the world. To help clients, eMercury has done its own research using data from their customers regarding which sources tend to deliver the best landing page conversion rate.

In our experiment, we used a landing page template that managed to convert an average of 1 out of 3 visitors who came from a wide variety of different sources. We then looked at the source of said traffic and compared the conversion rates.

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The highest converting sources of traffic in our study were marketing surveys that had a free offer at the end serving as appreciation or a reward for respondents. Roughly 17 out of every 20 respondent of a survey with a reward at the end completed the form and provided their name and email address.

On the other end of the spectrum, the worst performing channel in terms of conversions was desktop banner ads. This is despite many of our clients using geo-targeted banner ad campaigns that promise rewards for clicking (such as a freebie or a discount.) The conversion rates for banner ads were dismal and didn’t even get past the single digit percentage.

Here’s a quick graph of all the channels we measured:

While some of the results are not surprising (and might even be considered common sense by veteran marketers,) there are a few notable surprises. For instance – Facebook Boosted Posts outperform organic Facebook shares by a significant margin. Traditionally, organic shares were expected to perform better as users are generally more trusting of manual actions than paid-for advertising but Facebook seems to have turned the status quo upside down. However, it seems that the phenomenon is exclusive to boosted posts as it managed to outperform even facebook ads that use traditional models, such as ads. We’re guessing that this is because Boosted posts don’t look that much different than organic share (thereby getting past people’s natural resistance towards paid adverts) while enjoying the benefits of increased and targeted exposure.

A brand’s website showing higher conversion rates than other sources is not surprising, because it’s only natural that people who visit a business’ website are more likely to be interested in the business itself and its products/services than people who came upon a landing page out of accident or because of related content.

The biggest takeaways from this study is that conversion rates are at their highest when users reached the landing page with an intent to interact or consume content related to the offer or subject of the landing page, which is the main reason why paid banner ads don’t work that well – because they appear to customers while they are busy interacting with someone else’s content or doing some other activity. The exception here is Facebook’s Boosted post, but it’s the result of a clever mechanic that takes advantage of the social network’s ecosystem. It’s not something that will be easy to replicate.

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