Why B2B Email Marketing is More Powerful than Social Media

It may seem like a coup considering how popular social media is these days, but B2B email marketing will still trump social media any day of the week when it comes to sheer effectiveness. Now, don’t get me wrong – there’s no reason why you shouldn’t incorporate both into your strategy, but if you have to focus on one, focus on email marketing as B2B marketing will absolutely crush social media marketing, due to a number of reasons:

Sheer Volume

There are 2.9 billion email user accounts in the whole world – which 3 times the amount of user accounts that Facebook and Twitter has combined. And let’s not forget that social media accounts require an email account upon registration, so each social media user is also an email user, but not the other way around.

The sheer number of emails sent a day will dwarf the amount of tweets and facebook status updates made in a single day – estimated figures put the amount of Facebook and Twitter updates combined to a mere 0.2% of the number of emails sent per day. And that’s not even including spam.

Even the all-powerful search engine falls short of matching the power of b2b email marketing, as every single search made on every single search engine on a single day will only equal 1/100th of daily email traffic. And all the pages viewed on the entire Internet on a single day, which includes images and videos, will only use up a quarter of the bandwidth consumed by email.

What this tells you is that you shouldn’t be too blinded by the latest shiny marketing channel and go for the magic bullets without first trying out B2B email marketing and experiencing what it has to offer.

Email is More Personal Than Social Media

People have this impression that social media is more personal than email, because people are broadcasting their personal info, right? However, they are forgetting that social media has a lot of distractions and people who are spending their time in there are not exactly a receptive audience. That is the thing with social media: it’s full of people broadcasting and promoting their personal info, but they are rarely as willing to be on the receiving end.

E-mail, on the other hand, is designed for both receiving and sending and there’s a lot less distractions. A person who has opened his inbox is there just to send and receive mail, not to look at memes and gawk at other people’s pictures. In a way, social media is like one giant street party while each email you send is a 1 on 1 conversation with the recipient.

Email is Designed to be a Transactional Medium

There’s no denying this. Social media was designed to be a social medium, where people interact and socialize, and be entertained. It’s not designed primarily for business transactions. Email, on the other hand, is a transactional medium by design. Customers expect to get offers by email and to buy services or products through email. They are a much receptive audience, provided that you’re not spamming or using deceptive tactics to get people to convert.

An email audience has a high tolerance for offers and will be easier to get into a buying frame of mind, they are primed. Compare it to social media, were majority of people are really just there to chat with people or to find dates, play games, and laugh at memes. Trying to approach people on social media with a business proposition will most likely be met with resistance and be considered as an annoyance.

Basically, Social media may be marketing channels that are growing in popularity and very effective in their own right, but when compared to B2B email marketing, they have far fewer customers and more distractions that will prevent people from getting into a buying state of mind. So if you’re online marketing and you have to start somewhere, which one would you focus on first?

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