Smart Personalization Is Here

Today, we’re happy to announce smart personalization. Until now, getting more advanced with your personalization meant doing more work and involved a learning curve. With smart personalization you can take the simplest and easiest most basic personalization technique, and make it more advanced in a few clicks. If you’ve been reading our guides, you probably […]

Calendly Integration

The day that you’ve been waiting for is here. Our Calendly Integration is live in all accounts, and we can’t wait to see what you can do with this. In fact, we built this integration with flexibility in mind. We’ve really worked hard to make sure that it is easy, simple, and straightforward, yet powerful […]

Complete User Tracking with WordPress

A while back we hinted that there is something very cool coming up for WordPress users. A super exciting update to WP Fusion that you’re going to absolutely love. We now offer full WordPress user tracking through WP Fusion. What does this mean? You can now utilize the full power of site-driven automations in Emercury […]

Complete Integration with Gravity Forms

I have a confession to make. The “announcement” I’m making right now isn’t about anything new. In fact, we’ve had complete integration through an official Emercury plugin for Gravity Forms for quite a while now. But I just realized we never formally announced it. In fact, this reveals a huge secret about Emercury. We do […]