Automate Smarter, Deliver Better: Introducing Day & Time Targeting

Say goodbye to email scheduling woes and hello to laser-focused automation! We’re excited to unveil a trio of powerful new features that give you ultimate control over when your important messages reach your audience. No more accidental weekend blasts or holiday faux pas – now you can deliver with precision and finesse. And how do […]

Coming Soon: A Brand New Creation Experience

Today we are thrilled and excited to announce the coming of a brand new email designer. This technology will bring a completely new experience to creating and designing emails. Whether you just want to make slight tweaks and customize some of the ready-made templates, or create your own designs, the new editor will soon become […]

Smart Personalization Is Here

Today, we’re happy to announce smart personalization. Until now, getting more advanced with your personalization meant doing more work and involved a learning curve. With smart personalization you can take the simplest and easiest most basic personalization technique, and make it more advanced in a few clicks. If you’ve been reading our guides, you probably […]

Complete Integration with Gravity Forms

I have a confession to make. The “announcement” I’m making right now isn’t about anything new. In fact, we’ve had complete integration through an official Emercury plugin for Gravity Forms for quite a while now. But I just realized we never formally announced it. In fact, this reveals a huge secret about Emercury. We do […]

Brand New Advanced Segment Builder

Emercury has always been famous for staying on the cutting-edge of deliverability features and technology. This is because, let’s face it – how many of your emails actually reach an inbox has the deepest impact on your bottom-line profits. Getting really good at segmentation when you broadcast is crucial to achieving peak deliverability.  And it […]

Site & Event Tracking

This feature is so advanced and so exciting that I can’t possibly even list all the exciting things that are now possible. To get some sense, you can read our article – why behavior triggered email marketing is changing email. But wait, this event-tracking feature is unlike anything you’ve seen or heard of. We didn’t want […]

Site & Event Tracking in Emercury

We are always excited whenever we release features to help Emercury users get the most out of email marketing. However, with the release of the site & event tracking system, we are more excited than ever before. And if you understand everything that’s possible now that you get access to this technology, you will be […]