Affiliate Marketing Tips

A collection of articles with tips and best practices in email marketing, social media, digital marketing and more.

The 2020 Guide To Holiday Affiliate Marketing Promotions

November 24th, 2020
Heads up. If you’re reading this article and thinking “it’s too early to prepare for the holidays”, let me issue you a warning. That’s the number one mistake marketers make. Holiday affiliate m...

How To Grow Your Email Lists As An Affiliate Marketer, Essentially For Free

May 25th, 2020
Affiliate marketing can be very profitable when done right, and it does have its perks over other ways of making money online. In fact, many of our clients make great profits doing affiliate marketin...

Affiliate Marketing Tips

September 22nd, 2018
If you like freedom, flexibility, and control over your earnings, affiliate marketing might just be the right path for you. In this guide we’re going to share some of our best affiliate marketin...

History of Affiliate Marketing

June 2nd, 2018
To become a great affiliate marketer, you need to understand the history of affiliate marketing, how it came to be, how it evolved and changed over time. At the risk of sounding cheesy: those who und...

The Best Niches For Affiliate Marketing In 2018

March 27th, 2018
Knowing how to choose a niche for affiliate marketing might be your most important skill as a marketer. Of course, things like having high-quality email delivery, producing quality content and optimiz...

How to Leverage Email Marketing for Affiliate Marketing

September 21st, 2017
Utilizing email marketing for affiliate marketing is a great idea. If you think about it, one is a killer conversion platform, and the other is an exceptional monetization method. On the one hand, aff...

Emercury Tips for List Owners and List Managers

September 29th, 2014
List owners and list managers, by virtue of being the person in charge (or being the sole person in charge, as with most cases) are usually seen as always on top of things and being knowledgeable on w...

How iPhone 6 Help Affiliate Marketers

September 24th, 2014
Recent reports have pointed to the next iteration of Apple’s iPhone line of smartphones, the iPhone 6, as being geared towards ecommerce, and it seems like affiliate marketers are one of the few peopl...

How Big Companies Are Using Email Marketing To Deliver The Best Service Ever

September 18th, 2014
Despite the presence of newer communication channels like social media and instant messaging, email is still the preferred means of communication over the Internet whether it’s for business or social ...

Catch Up with Yahoo and Gmail

September 15th, 2014
Last year, Yahoo decided to close inactive email accounts and allowed the email addresses to be registered by new users. On the other side of the pond, Gmail implemented new changes that allowed its u...

Email Booboos and How Emercury Can Help

September 10th, 2014
It’s common practice among email marketers to test everything before they send out a new batch of emails. But we’re all humans and mistakes do happen sometimes – in some cases, it is the test email th...

Examples of Brilliant Email Marketing

September 8th, 2014
Despite its age and the appearance of other communication platforms, email is still one of the most efficient and effective channels for marketing. However, the industry is competitive and the consume...
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