Increase the Effectiveness of Email Marketing Campaigns

It is time discuss more ways to increase the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.

Let us begin with how you can start using email marketing to power social media and social media to power email marketing; to integrate email marketing and social media for maximum effectiveness.

Include Social Icons in Emails — It is important to include social icons in your email campaigns.

Ask Email Subscribers to Share and Connect — Sometimes just including social icons is not enough. Many subscribers recognize the Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn icons, but not all know what action to take when they see them in an email, so tell them!

Provide Incentive — If you want someone to connect with you on other social networks, sometimes you need to offer an incentive.

Promote Email Sign-ups Via Social Networks — If you have a strong following on a particular social network, do not hesitate to ask for new email subscribers.

Build an Email Opt-In Form on Facebook — Facebook allows you to embed an email sign-up form as one of your applications, so encourage your Facebook fans to opt into your email list. By adding a custom subscription form to your Facebook Page you have made it even simpler for the users.

Promote Email Marketing on Your Blog — Use your blog to mention, link to, and ask for new email subscribers.

Once you send a campaign you will start to have access to a wealth of social reaction data. You can then segment future campaigns based on that data. The data is yours to segment and work with.

While social media marketing cannot be automated entirely – you can setup automated social reactions.

Here is another method to employ — increase sales from your current customers.

Driving sales to existing clients is easier than acquiring new customers. Yet, a large number of businesses seem to be missing an opportunity that is right in front of them. Cross-sell and up-sell programs are a low-cost way retailers can increase revenue by reaching out to the customers they know best.

You may be thinking about targeting email subscribers who have previously purchased your products with complementary (cross-sell) or enhanced (up-sell) offers. Keep in mind; you do not want to annoy valued customers with a poorly-timed offer. With the right tactic, you will be on your way to making the most of promising sales prospects.

Consider the following elements when implementing cross-sell and up-sell email programs.

Take advantage of available data — The volume of customer-related data available to retailers is rapidly growing, and those who find ways to put it to use will be the most effective at developing highly relevant cross-sell and up-sell offers.

Purchase data from point-of-sale and transactional systems; web analytics that track site clicks and views, email response data, and preferences that email subscribers all provide marketers with great insight into the types of products to recommend to customers in cross-sell or up-sell situations.

Deploy the right resources — all the data in the world will not make a difference if you do not act on it. You will need to analyze your data and to create alternative versions of emails that include new offers based on what you have discovered.

The right technology can minimize the level of resources and time you will need to output. For example, a transactional email solution can be tied into your data warehouse and other back-office systems so you can pull in relevant data and use it to identify the best targets. Someone, or some technology, needs to build your offers, so you need to decide how you are going to get this accomplished.

Consider when and where to reach out — For example, you can label your offer onto a transactional message, such as purchase confirmation or shipping notification, since customers pay closer attention to these communications. Setting up messages triggered by customer actions or tying offers to regularly scheduled emails like newsletters are other options to consider.

Make sure you test various methods and then measure the response. Email marketers who employ cross-sell and up-sell offers can increase sales simply by engaging more often with the customers who already have a relationship with the brand.

*Did You Know – An unconfirmed opt-in is when someone first gives an email address to the list software (for instance, on a Web page), but no steps are taken to make sure that this address actually belongs to the person submitting it. This can cause email from the mailing list to be considered SPAM.

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