The Top Strategies for Increasing Email Deliverability

Are you struggling with email deliverability? If you understand success, you probably understand that good email marketing is key to any successful business. As part of an advertising strategy, email marketing can keep many of your customers loyal. This is why issues with email deliverability can be so frustrating.

Increasing email deliverability

Mail engagement

The subscribers to your mailing list can easily mark your emails as spam. Many email providers like Gmail or Yahoo use algorithms and engagement metrics that determine whether an email should be automatically filtered as spam. Even if someone willingly subscribes to your mailing list, after a while your emails can still end up in their spam folder.

The Top Strategies for Increasing Email Deliverability

To increase user interaction and avoid having your emails filtered as spam, you need to increase user engagement.

Email content basics to increase mail engagement

  • Keep your subject lines on point – avoid misleading subject lines. Be especially careful about the subject line of your emails because they play a big role in the spam algorithm.
  • Be consistent in your sender name and address – this is the fastest way recipients will remember you. Don’t let your emails look unprofessional or like they’ve been sent from a basic free email account.
  • Avoid excess – don’t use too many capital letters, symbols or flashy letter coloring. Try avoiding colored text, and especially avoid red.
  • Link sparingly – we use email marketing as a call to action, but stay away from using more than two to three links per email. That way, you won’t confuse your recipients and you’ll have a better click-through distribution.
  • Include unsubscribe links – even though it may seem counter-intuitive at first. If you don’t let your recipients unsubscribe easily, they could resort to more drastic measures. It’s better that they unsubscribe from your mailing list than filter your emails as spam through their email service.
  • Be consistent and thorough – always make sure to include reply to and from email addresses. Even if you’re not using a no-reply email address, explicitly point out an address where recipients can get in touch with you.

Avoid spam filter-triggering words

Modern mail-filtering algorithms can push your emails to the spam folder if they contain words and phrases commonly used in spam messages. You should do your best to avoid using these words in your headlines.

The Top Strategies for Increasing Email Deliverability

Scan the messages for any of the following words. Chances are you won’t find many emails containing these keywords because most of them get filtered out automatically. However, words like these can still be found in spam emails with spacing between letters, emojis or unicode characters.

  • As seen on
  • Discount
  • Buy
  • Money
  • $$$
  • Click
  • Cash
  • Earn $
  • Credit
  • While you sleep

Get a certified email service provider (ESP)

Most email service providers have roughly the same features, but no two providers are alike. Different ESPs have different policies, volumes and content limits. Most importantly, ESPs differ from one another in their deliverability rates. The ESP you choose will have a great impact on your email marketing campaign.

Clean your mailing list

Many companies have resorted to buying mailing lists, but that could harm your deliverability rates and IP reputation. Grow an opt-in mailing list and purge hard bounces (emails sent to an address that doesn’t exist anymore). ESPs keep track of your emails and suppress email deliverability if you set off too many hard bounces.

The Top Strategies for Increasing Email Deliverability

Certify your IP address – get a dedicated IP

Consult your internet service provider (ISP) and get a dedicated IP address. Most ISPs provide dynamic IP addresses, meaning your address will frequently change. A dedicated IP address signifies that the IP address is unique and exclusively yours. It can help increase email deliverability by improving your email reputation.

Register a private domain or subdomain and use it only for emails

Your email domain or subdomain has about the same impact on your reputation as your sender IP address. With a subdomain you can extensively monitor your IP reputation. Getting a subdomain for marketing purposes is an added bonus because over time your recipients will learn to trust that subdomain.


DKIM or DomainKeys Identified Mail is an authentication method. By setting up your DNS DKIM, your domain name will be associated with the emails you send. The DKIM is a digital signature that allows you to claim responsibility for your emails. This digital signature is proof for your authenticity.

Set up public DNS Whois listing

Make sure to include Whois information in your DNS register. Whois provides public contact information for your domain and subdomains. Setting up public Whois records is important because it shows you are not hiding your identity. Valid Whois data is vital because of anti-spam laws and the CAN-SPAM Act.

Test your email campaign for spam

It’s vital that you run a few tests for your email campaign before sending it to your recipients. By testing your email campaign you can avoid many potential complications and increase email deliverability.

With an advanced spam test, you can check various aspects of your email campaign. You can test your from address, your reply to address and make the necessary corrections before going live.

How Emercury can help you increase email deliverability

Emercury provides many services that could help you run a successful marketing campaign. Other than general email marketing, you can get help with email template creation and overall campaign management. Emercury can also assist you with transactional emails, high volume mailing and surveys.

We give you unlimited image hosting storage for all your email campaigns. Our list management tools automatically handle opt-ins and bounce-cleaning, so you’ll never experience issues with spam laws. We are compliant with the CAN-SPAM Act and meet all industry guidelines. We will clean your list from spam traps and diminish your chances of being blacklisted.

The Top Strategies for Increasing Email DeliverabilityUsing Emercury’s tools for scheduling and reporting, you’ll have a detailed overview of your campaign at all times. You get access to an integrated survey creator and you can also set up triggers for email autoresponders.

Emercury has all the tools you need to manage your email campaign and increase email deliverability.

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