10 Marketing Tactics That Can Turn Affiliate Marketers to Millionaires

It’s understandable if people are skeptical of the affiliate marketing industry – after all, it’s an industry saddled by an unfairly high noise to signal ratio, so that the true successes and the real effective strategies are buried under charlatans looking to make a quick buck and people who are bound to fail due to laziness. However, assuming that you are willing to put in the work and to wade through the chaff, you can be one of the many affiliate marketers who have already become millionaires. To help you on your way, here are 10 marketing tactics that can turn affiliate marketers to millionaires:

1. Find a Good Mentor

This is one of the most important things that you should include in your arsenal. Nobody was born with full knowledge of everything, and even those who are naturally gifted in the art of marketing can still stand to benefit from being mentored by someone who already knows how the business works, and the experience that comes from having done all the right things and having first-hand knowledge of all the wrong things.

Find someone that can be your mentor. Ideally, it needs to be a real mentorship that has the person specifically tutoring you and guiding you through the industry, but barring that, you can simply find someone who’s had great success and try to learn from what he’s doing. The important part is to learn from someone who’s already succeeded.

2. Market a Great Product

You can be the best marketer in the universe but that’s not going to get you anywhere if you don’t have a great product to market. Sure, if you are really good at marketing, you can make a subpar product succeed, but once people realize that they’ve been tricked into buying a shoddy product, your reputation as a marketer will be ruined and you’ll find it difficult to market future products no matter how good they are.

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3. Stand for Something

As a marketer, one of your main jobs is to find something that you can stand up for. You won’t be able to get customers to empathize with your product if you can’t rally them around something about your product or brand. Make sure there’s something about your product that they can latch onto – whether it’s consistency or sleek packaging or even the way you create your adcopy and press releases.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Spend Money

It’s an age-old aphorism that remains true to this day – in order to make money, you have to be willing to spend money. Some marketers get lucky and manage to get a lot of publicity and attention without spending a single dime, but they’re more of an exception than the rule. It’s a matter of luck, and banking on luck is not good business practice. So while you wait for that luck to hit, you’d best be prepared to spend a little money in order to make the most profits for the long term – whether it’s investing on a really big banner on a really popular website or even just hiring a really good freelance copywriter to create a really effective ad copy. Sometimes it’s already a given that you have to spend money if you want to see good results. For instance, if you want an organic list with good conversion rates, you need to buy from list sellers who really know what they are doing, and their prices can be higher than most fly by night list sellers.

5. Create Experiences

Some of the best marketing campaigns in history are those where the promotion itself is so revolutionary that they become a news item in and of themselves. Your marketing campaigns should be more than just a means to get your brand’s name out there (though that should be one of the main goals) – customers can’t really relate to that. Your campaigns should be able to provide customers and potential ones an experience that can stand out on its own while still being related to your product, service, or brand. Do this right and whoever experienced the campaign will turn into evangelists, promoting the experience to their peers (which in turn also gets your name out there.) It’s the old adage “give the people what they want and they will come.” And what they want is something to experience.

6. Learn How to Build Mystery

This is one of the tactics that many novice affiliate marketers need to learn these days. If you look at all the campaigns out there, you’ll see that their main approach is to rush out and tell everything to their potential customers upfront. There is a time for this approach, but using it as your main tactic is a recipe for failure. Why? Because it reeks of desperation and customers see it as you shoving your products right in their faces. And they don’t want that. To really catch people’s attention and get them engage, you need to learn the art of building a mystery.

Look at how big companies like Apple are doing it: first they keep their trap shut, then some sort of information gets “leaked” (note the quotes I used). Sometimes the leaked information are just misinformation, and sometimes they’re true – but it gets people into a speculation and rumor frenzy that by the time you’re ready to reveal your product, people will have already worked themselves up to a fevered pitch that they’d have spend massive amounts of their time checking your company out. It’s the affiliate marketing equivalent of getting a rolling start during a race.

7. Find Your Nemesis

If you want your marketing campaigns to really take off, you need to become a master storyteller. People want stories in everything. They don’t want to hear a marketing pitch nor check out a new product. But they want to hear the story behind your product or your company. And nothing builds a story than drama and conflict. The easiest way you can do this is by positioning your product as the antithesis to something. Apple vs. Microsoft, Android vs. iOS, Linux vs. Windows. When people take sides in a conflict, they become emotionally invested. And you won’t be able to get people on your side unless you have a nemesis.

Now, don’t be afraid to antagonize competitors as long as you’re not doing something morally wrong or something that’s illegal. Competition is healthy and showing that you’ve got some backbone will do wonders, whereas acting like a needy child who wants to be loved by everyone will only get you ignored and forgotten.

8. Turn Your Customers into Evangelists

If you have a good enough product and you have satisfied your customers, they will promote your products on their own accord. You need to encourage this behavior further by making it easier for them to promote your products. You can add “Share this” links to your emails, give away T-shirts containing your URL or logo, etc. Remember that your customers are some of the best salespeople that you can get. Their testimonials are more credible than even the best sales staff in the world.

9. Don’t Talk About Your Product or Service Too Much

There’s one key difference between a marketing campaign that will get ignored and one that might go viral – the former is a straight hardselling pitch that shoves every single detail about the product in the prospective client’s face, whereas the latter might not even show the product itself. Think of all those car adverts where it’s just a tagline and the name of the model, or think about Apple’s iconic “Mac vs. PC” commercials, which doesn’t even show a single computer the whole time – if you don’t show your products, you can get past the subconscious safeguard that people have against being marketed to, because you’re not marketing your product to them. You’re just telling a story. It’s one of the most clever and effective tactics you can have in your arsenal as an affiliate marketer.

10. Lastly, Focus More on Pictures than Words

This one is a given. It worked in the past, but it is even more effective now that the visual web has taken off and people are more inclined to focus on images than text. Additionally, pictures are way more effective at expressing an idea and a story than words can ever be, simply because it doesn’t take too many pictures to show something whereas text needs volume to put a complicated message across.


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