6 Lessons an Affiliate Marketer Could Learn from the Make Money Online Industry

We once mentioned that there is an “underground” industry in the internet often referred to as the “make money online” industry. If you have ever come across one of those ads or webpages that promises to teach you how to make money online by doing little work or make you thousands of dollars by simply following simple steps. There is a reason these guys remain underground but there is also a reason a lot of them thrives.

Most of these guys are master marketers. You will find some of the best salesmen there. You may question what they do but you cannot question their selling skills. Here are 5 valuable lessons an affiliate marketer can learn from them.

Lesson 1: Prove Your Value First and Then Sell

It is natural for an affiliate marketer to go after sales immediately. After all, that’s why you are in the business. However, the nature of affiliate marketing is marketing, not selling. Marketing involves brand building, marketing positioning and customer relationship building. One of the best things you can do as a marketer is prove your value first. Give customers balanced and objective reviews about the products you are featuring. Once they customers realize that you really provide honest and valuable information, they will most likely return to you if they need to buy anything again.

Lesson 2: Believe and Act Like an Authority, Your Audience Will Follow

One of the most important things you can possess as a marketer is credibility and authority but the one of the hardest thing to get are people that actually acknowledge your authority. You can’t get those people by acting all humble and insecure. If you want them to believe in you, you first need to believe in you.

When you write or talk about something, make sure you really know your stuff, make sure you can back up your claims and make sure you have all bases covered. If you talk about diapers, make sure you can provide technical, practical, financial and scientific insights. If you talk about makeup, make sure you have extensively researched and used different products.

Stop saying things like “in my opinion”. People need substance and the truth, not your opinion.

Lesson 3: Give Away Free Stuff

Give away valuable free stuff. So that when you do actually sell something, your audience knows that it is something even more valuable. It goes without saying that you have to make sure you are selling something of high quality.

It is also the free stuff that will get your name out there. Valuable free stuff are more easily shared and you know that internet popularity. When people share your stuff, the easier it becomes for your target audience to “find” you.

Lesson 4: It’s Almost Impossible To Provide New Information

The fact is that whatever you are going to say, it most likely have already been said by someone else. Unless you have your own research lab, it’s almost impossible to say or make something unique. Your best bet is to have your own voice, tone or style. If you can come up with a unique tone that suits a specific kind of audience, you have a better chance of succeeding. Remember that people don’t really care whether an information is new or not, what they care about is whether or not they will understand and see the value of the information into their lives.

It’s just like PC and Mac. In its essence, Mac provides the same “basics” as a PC gives but Mac found it’s tone, style and image that set it apart from a PC.

Lesson 5: Know What Your Audience Needs and Offer That

You’ve heard this so many times but you probably still don’t get it. Many marketers scrabble to look for a unique product to offer but they don’t have to… you don’t have to. All you need to do is listen to your market and know what they are looking for. Go to forums, go to social media sites, look at the hashtags on Twitter… these are the places where real conversation takes place. Here, you will find what your market is looking for. Once you find it, spend your entire career giving it to them.

Lesson 6: Upsell and Cross Sell if You Want to Make Money

Think about it. Whatever traffic you have, that was most likely brought about by your efforts to develop an audience, to rank high on search results or to get lots of Facebook fans. Whatever money you make from the commissions, those are just paying for your capital (yes, you have to put a monetary value on the time and talent you spent). The only way for you to make money is to make more money from your initial investments. So, upsell and cross sell to make sure you are maximizing your investments.


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