7 Outdated Affiliate Marketing Practices

Email Marketing StatisticsAffiliate marketing is still one of the most effective and lucrative endeavors on the Internet, but it’s been around so long and various industry changes have resulted in changes to the way marketers work. Sadly, many are still using outdated affiliate marketing tips/principles that result in either poor or no profits. If you want to be a successful affiliate marketer, you need to watch out for the following outdated affiliate marketing tips/principles.

1. Sales Copy that Focuses on Wealth Acquisition and Promises of Grandeur

At one point or another, you probably have gotten an email from some person in some country you have never heard of promising you money if you can send them a couple of hundreds of dollars as a fee for processing your money.

As silly as it may sound, there are a lot of people who get fooled by the trick. That’s what many marketers count on, the ability of people to suspend disbelief because they “want to believe” in something.

The problem is what comes after. You can fool people into buying from you once or twice with impossible promises and over the top rewards but if people don’t get what you promise, your reputation will suffer.

The affiliate marketing industry has its own way of weeding out snake oil salesmen from people who actually have something valuable to offer, since it is very easy for people to research background info on anything and it is very easy for bad feedback to spread. Add the fact that competition is always present and it’s understandable that people whose promises always seem too good to be true lose their foothold in the market to marketers who actually have something to offer and know how to pitch it.

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2. Untargeted Content in Volumes

Due to the number of marketers on the Internet these days, the old practice of throwing everything at the wall in the hopes that something will stick no longer works. This is one of the reasons why personal blogs are no longer lucrative unless you’re a celebrity or a famous person with a lot of organic traffic coming in.

This is also why buying an email list won’t work anymore. An email list contains emails of different people with different interests. Even if they subscribe to you once, the minute they realize you are sending emails or newsletters or marketing materials that they don’t want anymore, they’ll tag you a spam and that will make your mailer reputation suffer.

These days, the name of the game is targeted content. If you want to see a decent ROI, you have to find your own niche and then pump out quality content that targets that specific niche. You’ll find that the ROI is better with a small number of highly targeted traffic compared to massive waves of random passersby.

3. Keyword Optimization

Note that we’re using the word “keyword” instead of “keyphrase.” Single word optimized content these days will not work because search engines have wised up and started penalizing content that sacrifices quality to keyword frequency.

If you want your landing pages and sites to still do well in SERPs, you have to focus on keyphrase optimization, which isn’t penalized by search engines because they have no way of doing so without affecting naturally-written, relevant content. Of course, you really should focus on the best case scenario and write naturally for the topic, and chances are you’re going to come up with keyphrase optimized content naturally in the process.

4. Repetitive Marketing Campaigns

Even though the Internet has a tendency to offer fast turnover, you can’t expect some degree of success if you use repetitive marketing campaigns. It will work once, or twice if you’re lucky, but information spreads so fast that by your third iteration, even new prospects have already heard about your campaigns and consider it outdated.

Additionally, if your marketing campaign has worked so well in the past, chances are competitors have probably already copied it or worse – made improvements on it. At the end of the day, one affiliate marketing tip that still works and will never go out of fashion is: always find a way to innovate.

5. “Chance to Win”

If you want your customer to get something, give it without condition. Gone are the days when people are willing to give you tons of information in exchange of “chance” to get something. You need to make it as easy as possible for them to get something.

The key is in winning their trust. If they know that you give them valuable rewards without asking for something in return, they will be willing to give your information for even more rewards.

6. Selling

A salesman is expected to do everything and say anything to get someone to buy his product. That’s not the job of an affiliate marketer. Your job is to provide people with “complete” and “accurate” information. You need to be honest because it is when people realize that they can trust will they start clicking your links.

7. Send Everyday

Although subscribers will be “opting in” your email, thereby giving you permission to send them emails but it is not a permission for you to bombard them emails even if every single email you send is valuable. Sending once a week is ideal, twice a week is a stretch. Remember that when it comes to email marketing, less is more.

See posted infographics for more information.

Infographic by: http://www.admailr.com


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