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There is a very good reason why user testimonial is more credible than any sales pitch provided by a company, regardless of how well-written it is: it’s because user testimonials come from people who have already experienced a product or service and have no vested interest in promoting something. It’s honest, sincere feedback from customers like you.

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So when it comes to advise, instead of inundating you with things that we know from our perspective as an email service provider, we decided to instead get advise from our most successful clients, as they are probably coming from the same place as you (or were coming from the same place as you, if you’re having trouble succeeding in the industry.) Here are some useful pieces of advise, straight from some of our most successful clients:

Share Things About Your Brand That Have Nothing to Do With Selling Things

According to a client who is a very successful affiliate marketer, one of the main problems with many marketers is that they always wear their “selling hat,” which is to say that every time they deal with a customer, they give off the impression that they’re only interested in selling and everything they do is just a trick to get people to buy.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with always trying to sell things – that’s your job as a marketer. The problem is when it’s so blatant that you come off as insincere and opportunistic. Sometimes you need to just share things about your brand that aren’t designed to sell things. You can entertain your customers with anecdotes related to the brand, or reveal some tips and tricks related to your niche. Always provide value and do things with the goal of selling, but don’t ram your products down people’s throats.

Remember That There Are People on The Other Side

It is important to remember that there are people behind those email addresses and that making a human connection is paramount. You have to think of it as “dating” the potential customer – you have to put your best foot forward. And treating them like random numbers or stats (or worse, cash machines) is not the equivalent of putting your best foot forward. Take advantage of social media in order to build a communication channel that will show people you’re a human being as well, and that you’re going to treat them like one.

Use a Mobile-Optimized CTA Button

It’s true that different businesses and different demographics respond to certain approaches their own way, and that it helps if you do some testing. However, when it comes to Call to Action links, it always helps to follow the standards set by Apple’s app store, which is to use a button size that is at least 46 x 46 pixels. The reason? On a mobile phone, the button is going to be just the right size for the average human fingertip, making it easy to tap.

Provide a Link to Video Content Instead of Embedding Them on Your Email

A client who’s been very successful with video content has an advise regarding effective use of video content: don’t embed videos to your emails, as it makes you prone to getting unsubscribes or deletion if the embedded video doesn’t work (which is possible considering that many mail readers have trouble playing active scripts and flash.) You don’t need to lose out on the visual appeal of videos because the link can be in the form of an image: drop in one of the best stills from the video with a play button overlay, but link it to the actual video instead. People are used to clicking out of an email, and if your video is good enough people will come back to your email. If your video isn’t compelling enough to make them return, then you have an entirely different problem.

Lastly, Serve Dedicated Subscribers With Special Content

The most active subscribers in your list should be rewarded, because not only will this encourage them to continue supporting your brand, it may also turn them into evangelists for your company. Give them special content, insider info, and exclusive deals that are unavailable to the average subscriber. Sometimes, leaking special information to them will make them share the information to their own followers – you can’t beat that kind of free publicity. These days, social proof like this is indispensable and particularly worth seeking given that it doesn’t really cost you anything.

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