Affiliate Marketing for Photographers

Photography as a career in itself can be very lucrative. However, it can be similar to other artistic endeavors in the sense that if you’re only going to depend on your actual works of art – that of the photographs – as a means of income, you’ll have to be prepared to find that one big break while freelancing all over for a pittance. If you want to earn a really good amount as a photographer (perhaps even more than you’d normally earn while freelancing), you have to leverage all of your skills and knowledge and apply it to affiliate marketing online.

Affiliate Marketing Explained

Affiliate Marketing is basically when you sell other people’s products and get commission in return. On the Internet, you can create a webpage (or even just a newsletter) and point your readers to your affiliate’s products. Sometimes a sale isn’t even needed. If you drive enough traffic to the affiliate, you earn a commission. Most of the time you need a sale.

Why Photographers Have an Advantage in Affiliate Marketing

Photographers by default have a slight advantage when it comes to affiliate marketing. This is because the Internet, over the past few years, has evolved into a more visual-oriented medium. These days, a several pages of well-written text will not attract as much interest as a single stunning photograph. As a photographer, your medium of choice is the one that is preferred by many potential customers.

Additionally, the photography industry itself is full of people interested in learning the tricks of the trade – this will give you plenty of material to mine for articles. How Tos, Tutorials, Tips and Tricks. Articles like this, when related to photography, go gangbusters as there are many people using the Internet to learn all about photography (especially since conventional schools tend to be expensive). You have the means to drive massive amounts of traffic if you play your cards right.

When it comes to products, photographers also have an advantage because they can sell items that are related to their field, such as cameras, tripods, external storage devices, etc. – and these things can fetch a hefty sum. Selling a single high end DSLR alone can give you a nice commission. Add the fact that photography equipment is considered as both a want and need-based market, and you’ll find a lot of products that are ripe for the selling.

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Affiliate Networks for Photographers

Technically, your photography background should only be a stepping stone. It should not prevent you from selling affiliate products that are outside of your field, but if you’re just starting out and want to stick to your area of expertise, here are some places that will get you started:

1. Amazon – many affiliate marketers tend to shun Amazon because of the low commission, which is understandable. It’s true that the earnings will be small if you’re only starting out and you’re selling low-ticket items like books and CDs. However, being a photography-oriented affiliate marketer, you can choose to sell high-end photography equipment. There is a big difference between the commission you will earn from a $20 book compared to a $1000 DSLR. Additionally, you’ll have a much easier time selling items from amazon because the company is well-trusted by buyers.

2. Clickbank – while majority of the products available on Clickbank are information-oriented, there are also photography related ebooks and you can even create your own. Additionally, you can leverage any website that you have built in order to sell some Clickbank products. All it needs is a decent amount of organic traffic, which you can certainly achieve using your skillset as a photographer.

3. eBay – while not as user-friendly as Amazon, eBay’s affiliate program does allow you to sell even more expensive items related to photography, particularly antique equipment. You can also sell your own photographs on the service.

Alternative Sources of Income

It’s not all about affiliate marketing, you can also leverage photography in order to earn money from other sources of income. You can sell your photos on your website, or sell it through a middleman like shutterstock or flicker. The important thing to remember is that you have to be willing to look past your area of expertise, while at the same time looking for ways that you can use your existing skillset to improve your earnings.


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