Affiliate Marketing Tips: Difference Between Marketing to Men and Women

Difference between marketing to men and womenWhen it comes to marketing, it is vital that you understand how to target carefully based on gender, as there is a big difference between marketing to men and women, and your success will hinge on your ability to recognize those differences and adapt your strategy accordingly.

Presentation of Information

Various studies have already proven that there is a marked difference in the type of information that men and women look for, and while there are always exceptions, they generally look for specific types of information or at least process existing ones differently.

For instance, men of a particular age may look for the hardware specs and various numbers associated with a computer in order to find out how powerful it is, while women may look for textual descriptions that fully explain the benefits of a computer.

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Gender Identification

Most marketers believe that products need to be identified with a specific gender in order to appeal to men or women (i.e. a girl’s razor vs a man’s razor) but the truth is that it is only men who factor in gender perceptions, as women don’t put as much emphasis on the gender identity of products when making a purchase, as long as it suits their needs.

The key takeaway is that you have to exercise greater care when marketing to men versus marketing to women, as men won’t respond well to products or ads that appear to be feminine, while women have no qualms about products or ads that appear to be targeted towards men.

Decision Making

Men and women also have different approaches to making a decision. Women are “big picture” decision makers who need to see all the options and compare them extensively before choosing the best one, while men usually have a set of attributes in mind and just eliminate choices that they find lacking, before choosing the first one they come across that meets all or most of their criteria.

This means you have to tailor the way you present products to each gender. For example, while you will present all the available options to a woman at the same time and give them a means to compare each one, you need to give a man a tool that lets him select attributes he wants in order to get a recommendation.

Sales clerks should also take note of this difference, as it will affect the way they assist a customer. The clerk should provide the woman with all the available options and explain their benefits or disadvantages compared to each other, while a male customer should be asked for what he specifically needs before making recommendations.

Shopping Experience

Male and Female customers also have different approaches to the shopping experience. Men’s idea of convenience consists of what they consider practical – such as parking accessibility and easy access to store inventory, while women’s idea of convenience involve pleasant interaction with salespeople.

A store that’s targeting men should dial down the aggressive customer assistance (men usually hate being badgered by salespeople and prefer to just browse things on their own) and just ensure that all the items a man might want are displayed on the shelves, while a store that’s focusing more on attracting female shoppers can prioritize the presence of sales staff that are courteous, pleasant, and knowledgeable about the products.


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