Best Practices That an Email Marketer Should Know

Email Marketing Best PracticesThere are a few best practices that any email marketer worth his salt should know, but it’s understandable that everybody has to start somewhere, and that novices sometimes learn things as they go. If you’re another novice email marketer, you should keep the following email best practices in mind:

Use Incentives in the Subject Line

Using incentives in your subject lines from time to time is not a guarantee that people will open your mails, but it is guaranteed to increase your open rates, with some marketers reporting as much as a 50% increase. After all, people love free stuff, so an email that says free shipping or free discount on the subject line stands to get opened first. Just make sure your incentives are within the realm of possibility, as offering things that are too good to be true may end up backfiring as people will assume it’s not true and dismiss your mail as spam.

Keep Your Typefaces to 3 or Less

Emails are meant to be read with as little hassle as possible, so clutter is usually avoided. This means you have to ensure that your emails don’t look cluttered, by limiting the typefaces that you use to 3 or less. Ideally, you should keep it to 2 or even 1.

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Put the Main Message and Call to Action Above the Fold

The “fold” refers to that place that falls out of the screen when you open an email, which explains why putting your main message and call to action in there a bad idea. You want to get the message across in as little time as possible, so you don’t want to put it in a place that needs a little bit of scrolling to reach.

Keep Your Email within 500 to 600 Pixels in Width

Keeping it less than that will net you a very small and ugly email, but going above that will force your readers to scroll sideways. Anybody who has ever used a PC or a mobile device to read emails knows how much of a hassle scrolling back and forth sideways can be.

Keep Your Logo in the Upper Left Hand Side of the Email

This applies even to printed mails, as eye tracking studies have already proven that people instinctively look for company logos on the upper left hand side. Keeping this consistent with your mails will ensure that your logo will get the most visibility.

Use an Auto Responder for Opt Ins

It’s common knowledge among email marketers that people have a tendency to forget that they signed up for your emails. An auto responder will ensure that you don’t lose any potential subscriber to simple forgetfulness.

Do the 5 Second Call to Action Test

You need a friend for this one, but it’s worth it. Simply send a copy of the email you’re planning to send to subscribers to your friend, and ask him if he can tell you what you want him to do on the email within 5 seconds of opening the mail. If he can’t, you need to tweak it better and ensure that the call to action is clear enough and accessible enough to pass the 5 second test.


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