Bulk Email Marketing Safety Tips

Bulk Email Marketing Safety TipsBulk email marketing is a powerful medium these days, easily crushing other methods of promotion and marketing like social media or print advertisements, but it’s a little bit of a double edged sword, because if you’re not careful, you may end up on people’s spam inboxes (which means you will no longer see any business from them) or you can even run afoul of the law and get fines and jailtime for spamming. If you want to be on the safe side while still enjoying the benefits of bulk email marketing, you need to heed the following tips:

Grow Your List Organically by yourself

There’s a belief among email marketers that the success rate of a campaign is dependent on the quality of the leads in your list, and it’s true. It also applies to how safe you are from being branded as a spammer.

This basically ties in with the principle of permission-based marketing. You have to ensure that the recipients are those who have specifically opted in, or at least recognize you as a legitimate company. This will result in the people being more receptive to your mails or if not, will unsubscribe properly instead of blocking you or reporting you for spamming.

Use a technology that will allow you to monitor your bounce rates, dead or inactive emails and unsubscribe

Bounce rates, dead or inactive emails, spam reports and unsubscribe are the primary factors that affect your reputation as a sender. When an email provider like Google determines that you have high percentage of these, they can automatically block you. Your mail won’t even reach your subscriber’s junk mail.

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Keep track of new Email Features

Several months ago, Google rolled out a new email feature, tabs. This allows for an automatic sorting of emails. Emails that Gmail determines to come from personal emails are put in the primary tab. There is a separate tab for promotional emails and another one for emails from social media sites.

You need to keep track of changes like this. When your email gets sent to a tab and the user does not pay attention to it, your “unopen” rate will increase and could also affect your reputation.

Use a Proper Mailing List Manager

Technically, you can do this on your own, manually. But it’s going to be extremely hard to manage and you may end up sacrificing a few important steps in favor of meeting your goals with regard to the bottomline.

These few important steps may be crucial in making you look more legitimate to users or in curtailing problems. With a proper mailing list manager, you will have access to a proper mailing list infrastructure that will handle the nitty-gritty of processing bounce messages, putting in the proper headers, combining messages to recipients in the same domain, etc.

Use Relevant Subject Lines

More often than not, overzealous marketers try to be creative with their subject lines in an effort to improve open rates. However, they end up being so creative that the subject lines no longer reflect the content of the mail, resulting in readers thinking that they’ve been tricked into opening another junk mail.

This is a one-way trip to their spam filters. It is always best to craft attractive subject lines that are relevant to the content, so that readers will know that they’re getting what the subject promised.

Follow All the Anti-Spam Laws that Apply to Your Case

This is the most important part if you want to keep your nose clean. Don’t ever think that your geographical location keeps you safe from the CAN SPAM Act, because even if it did, most countries nowadays have specific anti spam legislation that applies to its citizens, and the penalties can be fines or even jail time, depending on the gravity of offense. It is best to do your research first and make sure that you’re perfectly compliant with the law.


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